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Learn The Basics Of Astrology In 7 Days!

Congratulations on registering for our new Astrology 101 mini-class! Taught by professional Danish astrologer, Johannes Lockwood, this informative video course will explore introductory astrology concepts such as, sun signs, elements, modalities, and so much more! The purpose of this mini-course is to teach you the basics of astrology, and how it can help you to better understand yourself and navigate through life’s challenges.

This free Astrology 101 mini-course consists of 7 short videos that will be delivered each day by email so keep your eye on your inbox for Video 1: Introduction to Astrology !

In this free course you will learn:

  • Introduction to Astrology
  • What are Sun Signs?
  • The 4 Elements
  • The 3 Modalities
  • Your Sun Sign and Personality...
  • and so much more!
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