Astrology Forecast: December 2022

Welcome to autumn and your monthly horoscope for December 2022!

I´m Johannes and I´m an astrologer from Copenhagen, Denmark together with I have made this newsletter to help you navigate the themes of YOUR life according to the stars.

I will PROVIDE YOU with personal astrological guidance - so you can live the best and most authentic life in December.

At the onset of the month, the Sun will roar in Sagittarius to bring forth a more festive and vibrant energy for the month ahead. A New Moon in Sagittarius (1 degrees) previously arrived on November 23, 2022 and will still echo at the onset of December. New Moons bring fresh starts and opportunities in the week that follows them. Something new always arrives and we are encouraged to seize the day and carve out a fresh path forward. The energy of Sagittarius will radiate through the cosmos. Sagittarius is a Fire Sign that is known for its connection to academics, spirituality, and culture. It is a zodiac sign that always pursues new horizons. We will be eager to step out of our comfort zones, embark on new journeys, and be curious about our place in the world.

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Aries December 1024x576


December will have a sluggish pace, Aries. This is because your planetary ruler, Mars, will continue to be fast asleep. You could feel like you’re hitting roadblocks at every turn, depleted or especially frustrated. ...Watch Johannes' forecast for Aries.

Taurus December 1024x576


December brings another rocky road, Taurus. For weeks, you’ve already felt mighty Mars asleep in your sector of finances, bringing delays and frustrations around money....Watch Johannes' forecast for Taurus.

Gemini December 1024x576


Another challenging month awaits you, Gemini. Mighty Mars, the planet of sex, passion, and drive continues his backward spiral in your zodiac sign....Watch Johannes' forecast for Gemini.

Cancer December 1024x576


December will still bring stormy weather, Cancer. Mighty Mars, the planet of strength, is still retrograde in your sector of privacy and mental health, so you might be feeling especially burnt out at this time. Lie low, relax and give yourself time to go with the flow... Watch Johannes' forecast for Cancer.

Leo December 1024x576


December will make you feel like you’re crawling through sludge, Leo. Mighty Mars, the planet of energy, is still retrograde in your sector of friendships and aspirations, likely bringing tension and frustration around all of these themes...Watch Johannes' forecast for Leo.

Virgo December 1024x576


Buckle up for another month where it could feel like you’re being thrashed in the wind, Virgo. Mighty Mars will continue his retrograde in your professional sphere, which will cause delays, frustrations and challenges in career matters...Watch Johannes' forecast for Virgo.

Libra December 1024x576


Go with the flow in December, Libra. Mighty Mars continues his retrograde spin in your expansion zone, which will bring delays and road blocks to matters around legalities, media projects, academics, immigration or international business...Watch Johannes' forecast for Libra.

Scorpio December 1024x576


The end of 2023 will be less of a jolly ride and more of a headache, Scorpio. Mighty Mars, your planetary co-ruler, will continue to be retrograde in your sector of intimacy, assets and investments. This has likely brought tension around relationships or even caused you to burn through cash faster than ever!... Watch Johannes' forecast for Scorpio.

Sagittarius December 1024x576


Welcome to birthday season, Sagittarius. This time of the year makes you shine like a star and allows you to more easily move the pieces of your life in the direction that you desire... Watch Johannes' forecast for Sagittarius.

Capricorn December 1024x576


2022 ends with a whimper—not a bang, Capricorn. Mighty Mars, the planet of strength and energy, will continue to be asleep in your sector of productivity, meaning that there could be some frustrations and challenges around employment, your routine or even physical health until mid-January... Watch Johannes' forecast for Capricorn.

Aquarius December 1024x576


December will be the slowest month you’ve seen in ages, Aquarius. Mighty Mars, the planet of energy, will continue to be retrograde in your sector of passion, romance, and fertility. Frustrations around love, hobbies or children are likely to be found now... Watch Johannes' forecast for Aquarius.

Pisces December 1024x576


he year ends with a fizzle not a firework, Pisces. Mighty Mars, the planet of energy, continues to be asleep in your domestic zone, promising frustrations and challenges around home or family matters until mid-January. The key to managing this energy is to try to find a new path forward rather than being stuck in your ways... Watch Johannes' forecast for Pisces.

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