If you know a Gemini, you know that the sign represents two different personalities in one, and you can never be certain which one you are dealing with! They are extremely sociable, communicative and ready for fun, but can also quickly transition to sudden seriousness. They love the world and always want to learn more about it, however are constantly plagued by the sense that there is not enough time to experience it all.

The sign itself belongs to the element of Air, along with Libra and Aquarius. It is ruled by Mercury, which represents communication, writing, and movement. Those born under this sign can feel as though their other half is missing, and as a result, are constantly seeking new friends, colleagues, and anyone to talk to.

Their flexible and open mind allows them to excel as artists, especially writers and journalists, and their skills bring them much success in trade, driving and team sports. This is a very flexible and fun loving sign, eager to experience whatever the world has to offer them. As a result, a Gemini is often inspiring, and never boring.

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