Capricorn is a sign that represents time and responsibility, and by their very nature, Capricorn’s are traditional and quite serious. They possess an inner sense of independence that allows for significant progress in their personal and professional lives. They are masters of self-control and are natural leaders who make realistic plans for the future, and successfully manage multiple people simultaneously. They are not too proud to learn from their mistakes and rise to the top based solely on their experience and expertise.

Belonging to the element of Earth , like Taurus and Virgo, this is the last sign in the trio of practicality and grounding. Not only do they focus on the material world, but they know how to get the most out of it. Unfortunately, this can also make them stiff and sometimes too stubborn to move from one perspective, if they have already made up their mind. They have a hard time accepting differences in other people, might try to impose their belief system aggressively, out of fear.

Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn, and this planet represents restrictions of all kinds. Its influence makes Capricorn’s practical and responsible, but also cold, distant and unforgiving, prone to guilt. They need to learn to forgive in order to improve their own life.

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