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Individual Horoscope Definition

Your individual horoscope or zodiac sign is as unique as your fingerprint. It is a map of the sky at the precise time you were born—letting you determine the particular sign you're under.

The stars imprint energy on you from birth and carry on that influence throughout your life, through your zodiac sign. Getting your free individual horoscope and your birth chart provides you with a powerful map for realizing your destiny.

How Personal Horoscope and Zodiac Signs Work

After inputting your birth time and date of birth into our database, you will be provided with a free natal horoscope chart that is unique to you. Using this information, we will calculate your individual horoscope from our astrology experts, diving deep into subjects like compatibility, career, marriage, and money.

After that, you'll have access to your customized horoscope that can determine factors affecting you and would then guide you to the happy future you are meant to live!

Your Personal Horoscope

Your individual and personal horoscope chart is divided into 12 houses. These include:

  • 1st House - Ruling your identity and appearance
  • 2nd House - Governing your earned income and values
  • 3rd House - Ruling your communication, learning styles, and relationships with your siblings
  • 4th House - Governing your domestic life and relationship with your mother
  • 5th House - Ruling your romantic life, creative abilities, and amusements
  • 6th House - Governing your work life, health, and relationships with your pets
  • 7th House -Ruling your close relationships, including business partners and spouses
  • 8th House - Governing your sex life and shared resources
  • 9th House - Ruling your higher learning opportunities, and personal philosophy
  • 10th House - Governing your career, public image, and relationship with your father
  • 11th House - Ruling your social circle, personal aspirations, and charitable impulses
  • 12th House - Ruling your spirituality and secret self

Your personal horoscope also shows where all the celestial bodies were positioned at the time of your birth. These include:

  • The Sun - The celestial body in your horoscope representing your willpower
  • The Moon - The celestial body in your individual horoscope reflecting your emotions
  • Mercury - The planet in your horoscope symbolizing your intellect
  • Venus - The planet in your individual horoscope representing your sexual allure, romantic taste, as well as your spending style
  • Mars - The planet in your horoscope reflecting your sexual style and romantic approach, as well as your temper
  • Jupiter - The planet in your individual horoscope symbolizing your areas of natural luck
  • Saturn - The planet in your horoscope representing your personal challenges
  • Uranus - The planet in your individual horoscope reflecting your quirks and unusual talents
  • Neptune - The planet in your horoscope symbolizing your spiritual side
  • Pluto - The planet in your individual horoscope representing your powers of transformation

Your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

The three most important parts of your individual and personal horoscope are your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs.

These factors in your horoscope have the strongest impact on your personality. Here's what these aspects mean for you and your horoscope:

Your Sun Sign

Your Sun Sign is the part of your individual horoscope that demonstrates your basic personality. In your natal chart, it is the part of the zodiac that the Sun was visiting when you were born.

As your horoscope shows, your Sun Sign represents your life's purpose, outlook, and sense of identity. Here's how the Sun Signs are expressed in the zodiac:

  • Aries Sun Sign Life Path - Aries is determined to be first in everything they do.
  • Taurus Sun Sign Life Path - Taurus is dedicated to enjoying the finer things in life.
  • Gemini Sun Sign Life Path - Gemini is focused on learning as much as they can about every subject.
  • Cancer Sun Sign Life Path - Cancer is devoted to cultivating loving families and successful businesses.
  • Leo Sun Sign Life Path - Leo is determined to express themselves creatively and have lots of fun.
  • Virgo Sun Sign Life Path - Virgo is dedicated to serving others and generating excellent work.
  • Libra Sun Sign Life Path - Libra is focused on bringing balance to the world and having close bonds.
  • Scorpio Sun Sign Life Path - Scorpio is determined to solve mysteries and challenge taboos.
  • Sagittarius Sun Sign Life Path - Sagittarius is devoted to learning the meaning of life and spreading joy.
  • Capricorn Sun Sign Life Path - Capricorn is focused on building a legacy and attaining status.
  • Aquarius Sun Sign Life Path - Aquarius is dedicated to dispensing with tradition and exploring new realms.
  • Pisces Sun Sign Life Path - Pisces is devoted to transcending harsh realities and merging with the collective.

Your Moon Sign

Your Moon Sign is the part of your horoscope that symbolizes your emotional landscape. In your natal chart, it represents the sign where the Moon was touring when you were born. It shows what you need to survive and thrive.

This part of your natal chart also shows what your ideal home life should involve, as your horoscope will show. Here are some of the things each Moon Sign needs to be happy about:

  • Aries Moon Sign Needs - Activity, competition, recognition
  • Taurus Moon Sign Needs - Comfort, stability, luxury
  • Gemini Moon Sign Needs - Intellectual engagement, interaction, options
  • Cancer Moon Sign Needs - Home, security, understanding
  • Leo Moon Sign Needs - Fun, laughter, spotlight
  • Virgo Moon Sign Needs - Instruction, organization, consideration
  • Libra Moon Sign Needs - Beauty, elegance, fairness
  • Scorpio Moon Sign Needs - Sex, drama, secrecy
  • Sagittarius Moon Needs - Adventure, travel, risk
  • Capricorn Moon Needs - Respect, stature, defined roles
  • Aquarius Moon Needs - Freedom, friends, causes
  • Pisces Moon Needs - Privacy, care, compassion

Your Rising Sign

Your Rising Sign, or Ascendant, is the part of your horoscope that represents your social mask.

It is determined by the sign that was rising on the Eastern horizon at the exact minute you were born, as indicated by your horoscope. If you were born at dawn, there's a good chance your Rising Sign is the same sign as your Sun sign.

This is the part of your birth chart that also rules your appearance. As your natal horoscope shows, here are the first impressions every Rising Sign makes:

  • Aries Rising Sign Seems: Bold, brash, impulsive
  • Taurus Rising Sign Seems: Thoughtful, languorous, calm
  • Gemini Rising Sign Seems: Bright, funny, quick
  • Cancer Rising Sign Seems: Attentive, moody, goofy
  • Leo Rising Sign Seems: Magnetic, generous, larger-than-life
  • Virgo Rising Sign Seems: Observant, intelligent, well-spoken
  • Libra Rising Sign Seems: Sociable, flirtatious, gracious
  • Scorpio Rising Sign Seems: Dark, forbidding, alluring
  • Sagittarius Rising Sign Seems: Entertaining, lighthearted, open-minded
  • Capricorn Rising Sign Seems: Serious, ambitious, cautious
  • Aquarius Rising Sign Seems: Quirky, rebellious, challenging
  • Pisces Rising Sign Seems: Sympathetic, caring, whimsical

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