Aquarius Love Horoscope

Aquarius signs are unique, clever, and a little quirky, and they deserve someone that fits them perfectly.

Compatibility in Astrology is completely unique to you, and finding out who is compatible with your Sun, Rising, or even your Venus sign can help you get on the right track to find love; let us help you find your soulmate with this guide.

The Sun is currently transiting conjunct to your natal Sun in Aquarius which is considered one of the most important transits of your year. This is known as a solar return and what it brings in Aquarius indicates newfound energy for the year to come and increased vitality. 

Venus will be here soon as well and this will bring peace and harmony with a focus on love into your relationships. This is a good time for you to seek out pleasure and entertainment, but it is also a very good time for you to relax and be comfortable around your loved ones.

Venus has a tendency to indulge, and with your solar return happening, now is the perfect time to do so.

Aquarius Love Compatibility 

Aquarius and Aries: The relationship between these two signs is very positive. Aquarius is unpredictable, which Aries can appreciate at times, but they value structure and direction more than almost anything.

When Aries wants something, they want it at that moment and Aquarius isn’t designed to fit that mold which can lead to both of you becoming impatient. 

Aquarius and Gemini: This match is all for easy loving and tender care. These signs stimulate each other mentally, physically, and emotionally. With many common interests and core values, these signs can talk for hours on end and they understand where each other is coming from. 

Aquarius and Gemini compatibility is that of few problems, and it can be quite rewarding in love. Their compatibility is a challenging one at best. Cancer Suns crave commitment and structure and Aquarius almost reviles at the mere thought of those things. This is a classic friendship, but a difficult romantic relationship.

Aquarius and Leo: This match is interesting, to say the least. While Aquarius is focused on the big picture, Leo is ten paces back looking at the little details of everything which can be hard for fast-moving Air sign Aquarius.

Both signs are unique in their own ways and they want to be valued as such, but together they will be fighting for the spotlight.

Aquarius and Virgo: This match can be very mentally stimulating. This can be enough for certain placements within these signs, but if there is a lack of synastry in the rest of the chart, this relationship can turn dull very easily.

Aquarius and Virgo can talk about future possibilities and opportunities endlessly which turns on the latter’s mentality. Meaningful conversations fill any emotional voids this relationship may have.

Timing is everything in Astrology, and though Aquarius’s like to step to the beat of their own drum, the planets and stars are moving at their own cosmic pace, readying you for what’s next. 

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