Cancer Love Horoscope

A Cancer in love is playful, sensitive, and perfectly predictable with the right partner.

Cancer Suns and Risings are caring and affectionate, but they need just as much attention put on themselves as they give others.

Cancers wanting a safe and solid relationship can definitely find some good matches. Keep reading to find out who’s your best match.

Pleasing a Cancer involves a lot of quality time spent snuggling and talking about the future. This, however, can put off other signs like Sagittarius and Aries, as they like to live more at the moment. In contrast, a Libra or a Pisces in that scenario would bask in each other’s energies.

Cancers need someone who can help them feel confident as their fear of rejection is a great one.

Cancer Compatibility

Cancer and Aries: This match makes for an odd couple and is definitely not a good match. The things they both consider to be most important in love are what ultimately drive them apart.

The differences in styles and opinions can be wildly attractive at first, but the difficulty to agree later on in the relationship can be unsettling.

Cancer and Leo: This match can be pretty wild at times. Leo is adventurous and bold, while Cancer is more relaxed and subdued. At their best, this couple feels safe and playful, but there will always be something in the back of Leo’s mind wanting to escape and be free.

This is a good match, but not for the long run as neither of these signs can meet each other’s emotional needs.

Cancer and Libra: This couple could be a match made in heaven. But the longer the relationship goes on, both will start to notice some differences that can easily become a problem over time.

Cancer’s love is based more on a personal level, while Libra’s love is more general and geared towards themselves. This can be completely fine in a relationship as Cancer is naturally doting and caring anyway.

Both may make compromises in their own emotional needs to help each other which can lead to a sense of fulfillment.

Cancer and Scorpio: Water and Water mix well together. Things flow harmoniously and peacefully. The quiet nature of both these signs makes for a familiar bond, one that can be described as karmic.

The attraction between these two signs is magnetic and both can be quite possessive at times, which is good considering they both like to hold what is theirs’ close to their hearts. Scorpio could be the best match for Cancer in love.

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