Capricorn Love Horoscope

Love could surely come around for you around this time. There are currently five planets influencing the Earth signs - one of which is Capricorn. And with Venus in your Sun sign, you can expect a pulling power over love.

Let this guide help you weed through the signs and determine which is ideal for you during this phase:

Venus is currently in conjunction with your natal Sun and it is captivating attractive and appreciative people towards you. The attention is on you and you’re basking in it. However, in order to fulfill your desires for love and beauty, you need to be with the right person.

This is also the best time for self-care: treat yourself and do something that's solely for you.

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Capricorn Compatibility

Capricorn and Aries: There are some major differences between these signs. Capricorn and Aries are fascinated with each others' ways of thinking, but there will likely be misunderstandings between the two.

Both signs are natural-born leaders and won’t let anyone take their spotlight, but if you’re looking for a challenge, an Aries could be just what you’re looking for.

Capricorn and Cancer:  These two signs are the very definition of opposites attracting. Being opposite of each other in the zodiac denotes a powerful attraction pulling the two together. What Cancers lack, Capricorns provide.

Cancers are more caring and sensitive than Capricorns, but both are mindful of each other so there shouldn’t be many issues regarding emotional communication. This is a good pairing and these couples tend to marry longer than others with different signs.

Capricorn and Leo: These signs together are what dreams are made of! Leos are expressive and impulsive, something Capricorns appreciate while Capricorns are practical and steady, providing Leos with what they want and need deep down.

This match can be wonderful. Capricorn and Leo couples may seem like an odd pair in the beginning, but they can learn a lot from each other and this allows both signs to become better people. Long-term relationships between these signs are possible.

Capricorn and Virgo: Both are Earth signs which allow for a steady and calm relationship from the get-go. Whatever needs each other may desire will be provided naturally in this pairing.

Their core values are likely very similar which is important for both to have a healthy and happy long-term relationship. This pairing may start off slowly as being friends for a long while before taking the next step into romance. The passion and friendly affection will last a lifetime between these two signs.

Capricorn and Libra: Both signs hold each other on a pedestal, which a Libra would absolutely adore.  You are both committed to each other in the best of ways.

The differences in core values, styles, and emotional communication can be a hindrance at times, but there are fairly simple ways to work through these issues.

Passion and romance are high between Capricorns and Libras. The latter’s willingness to adapt to what the relationship needs brings perfect balance between the two.

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