Leo Love Horoscope

Leo signs' energy is great for having light-hearted conversations with the people closest to them. The Moon is moving through their 3rd house of communication, making them feel extra communicative.

When it comes to the matters of the heart, they are undergoing a slow but thorough transformation. The desire for a long-term commitment could also be arising.

You could also feel a lot of ups and downs when it comes to love in general. However, this is because Saturn and Jupiter are conjunct in your 7th house. There could also be a shift between a strong desire for personal freedom and an equally strong desire for long-term stability.

Work is much of a distraction, or school if you go to college. There is a feeling of not having enough time to focus on love right this time. Be careful not to ignore or neglect closest people, and choose words carefully to express yourself clearly.

Leo Compatibility

Leo and Virgo: These two signs work well together on the surface but they are often too different for anything serious to develop. Leo's carefree and playful nature doesn't give Virgo the kind of security they looking for.

As Leo likes to socialize and be the life of the party, Virgo can feel left out and become jealous. This pairing can work, but both sides will have to compromise to make it happen.

Leo and Sagittarius: This can be an excellent match! These two fire signs are both fun-loving and adventurous and neither is likely to try to control the other. Both enjoy their freedom and neither likes to feel tied down.

They will give each other enough room to breathe and while these are both traditionally non-commital signs, they end up committing to each other easily due to the lack of pressure they put on each other.

Leo and Libra: At first glance, these two appear to be perfect for each other but things quickly deteriorate when they both start to compete for the spotlight.

They might win awards for being the cutest couple but both signs love to be the center of attention, albeit in different ways.

Libra wants to be the center of their partner's world, while Leo likes to be the center of attention in the social arena. Leo will feel smothered by Libra while the latter will feel unappreciated by the former.

Leo and Aquarius: Leo and Aquarius are opposites in the zodiac but they share more in common than one might think. They are both intelligent and share a similar sense of humor.

The difficulty with these two is that Aquarians are often aloof. They tend to focus their attention on projects and big ideas rather than on the people around them. Leos, on the other hand, need lots of personal attention.

This couple will likely begin to irritate each other as soon as things start to get serious. These two make great friends but do not make the best lovers.

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