Sagittarius Love Horoscope

Finding love for Sagittarius is like going on an adventure. And there are signs which are more compatible with a Sagittarius compared to others. Let's go to some of the best and worst matches for a Sagittarius in love.

For Sagittarius Risings, now is the best time to be with someone romantically. Saturn and Jupiter, the planets of contraction and expansion respectfully, are transiting through the natural Seventh House which represents marriage and strong relationships. The Sun and Venus are almost here as well which creates an exciting air of new opportunities and honesty being released for your sign.

Many signs get along with a Sagittarius, but not all in a romantic way. This sign needs a lot of attention, but should still strike an equal balance of freedom and alone time - which can be very tricky to master for many signs such as Aries or Virgo.

For a Sagittarius who's trying to find the right person to be with, here are some compatible signs for you.

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Sagittarius Compatibility

Sagittarius and Aries: These signs are unsettled with each other - both enter a relationship excitedly, but live it with no substance or form of practicality nor direction.

They can both inspire each other and would not not shy away from a friendly debate, but when things go too far and neither backs down, things could get rough.

Sagittarius and Gemini: These signs are the opposite of each other, but in Astrology, opposites attract. They share the need for freedom and stimulation, but emotional communication is severely lacking between them.

A Sagittarius and Gemini relationship is not a long-lasting one. Impulsivity is what these signs do best and this can mean impetuously breaking off the relationship when things get tough.

Sagittarius and Leo: Relationships between these signs will start off fiery and passionately. Bringing two of the most exciting signs in the Zodiac together is sure to bring an amazing time and inspiring conversations.

The only thing that can be a damper is Leo’s inevitable need to settle down - though they’re not vocal about it - and Sagittarius’ need for freedom.

Sagittarius and Virgo: These two signs, in a relationship, would be difficult to maintain. Even if their charts are compatible, the core aspects of their beings just do not match.

There are some major disconnects over time that will inevitably cause the relationship to fall apart. When it’s good, though, these signs can share meaningful conversations and a balance in emotions.

Sagittarius and Libra: These signs are somewhat compatible. Definitely more so than Virgo or Aries, but not as much so as Leo.

These signs show appreciation towards each other and that's what they love most about it. Mixing a Fire sign with an Air sign is always tricky as things can get messy really fast. Neither of the two is interested in being confined or to be settling down roots just yet and this targets Sagittarius' adventurous side. 

These signs work very well together, but it’s not likely that they will last in the long run.

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