Taurus Love Horoscope

Taurus signs are not the type to give up so quickly. Because of your determined and tenacious nature, you will find your true love.

These signs know exactly what they want. Your Earth child love is grounding and comforting, and for those who encounter this side of Taurus, they find this soothing.

When it comes to love, Taurus signs are patient and they want a partner who can appreciate this.

Taurus Compatibility

Taurus and Aries: This match could come together in a love affair. Their relationship is the natural union of love and balance.

However, problems could arise as Taurus wants to take things slow, while Aries wants to jump right in. In addition, the former loves being romanced and wooed, while to the latter, these two qualities are too foreign.

Moreover, this could be an excellent learning experience for these signs. Taurus can help Aries tame their impulsiveness, while the latter could help the former be more adventurous.

Taurus and Taurus: This match represents stability and a sensuous relationship, and this pleases them. A Taurus appreciates fidelity, comfort, and sharing of a hearty meal.

When two people of this sign get together, it could be a connection of a lifetime. This match would spoil each other, much to their hearts' content.

One always respects the other's desire for life's small luxuries. This sign is charming, dignified, and graceful.

However, this sign could be quite opinionated and stubborn at times, and equally jealous and possessive too. Together, there is a need to disagree and recognize that their good relationship is too good to put at risk because of minor misunderstanding.

Taurus and Gemini: There is a need to take the time to learn the relationship's dynamics if these two signs plan to be together. They also need to determine their common ground to get along.

It is important to keep in mind that Gemini's symbol is the Twin and this means having two minds about almost everything. So, if a possessive Taurus can let this quality slide, and give the security the Gemini needs, things could go well.

Taurus and Cancer: This is a good match. These signs together, share a deep level of mutual understanding and karmic ties.

These two signs have so much in common as both like security when it comes to love and relationship. Both are also nurturers by nature, where Cancer nurtures the Taurus emotionally, and the latter loves spoiling the former with sensual delights.

Taurus and Leo: This could be a great match because these two signs know how to appreciate each others' egos.

These two signs have the same needs. Taurus loves a lot of affection and there's always the need to be cherished. Leo, on the other hand, loves compliments and admiration.

Taurus and Virgo: This match represents practicality. They both use this quality in their daily lives to solve their problems.

Both signs are sincere and devoted to each other, and they value integrity. Virgo loves Taurus's strength, while the latter loves the former's intellect.

However, the relationship between these two signs may take time to develop because of Virgo's cautious nature, but once they've established the relationship, it could be long-term.

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