My astrology obsession stopped me leaving the house

There are stories about people who became so dependent on astrology that they started doing things as per their reading. Be it daily reading, weekly reading, or yearly reading; there are people who are 100% dependent on astrology. It is necessary for you to realize that astrology helps you to identify the good and bad events of your life, it suggests, it helps you to shape your life, but it definitely doesn’t tell you to revolve your life around it.

Today, we are going to share a story about a girl named Anita and how her astrology obsession totally forbidden her from walking out of her house. Read the story, and learn how obsession can take away simple pleasure from your life.

It all started in the year 2018. Anita was extremely happy with her life. She had a good job, had a lovely partner, and was planning to buy a brand-new house. However, by the middle of the year, Anita broke her 10-years long relationship, she quit her job, and the dream of buying a new house is out of the scene as well.

Anita discovered about horoscope reading when she was only ten years old. She used to run to get the morning newspaper before anyone else does. Take a look at the second page, and go through the reading of her star sign. Anita used to love the way her reading, initially it was just a part of a fun activity. By 18, she kept on reading those reading, but never really took them seriously. It just became a ritual for her to take a look at her reading daily.

She realized that her horoscope reading gives her a sense of relief or some sort of inspiration to get on with her day. The reading used to clearly reflect how she used to feel and why certain events were happening in her life.

By 20, Anita started doing a job, and her boss one day jokingly shared how her previous company used to ask her to invent horoscope, meaning the reading on the newspaper that she was working for was all untrue. The boss and Anita both had a good laugh, and Anita, to impress her boss, said astrology is just a silly subject. Still, deep down her heart, only she knew that Anita was already getting addicted to astrology.

Soon after she quit her job and lost her partner, Anita began to read these readings aggressively to understand why is she suffering all of a sudden even after having such a good life? Anita has always been interested in astrology, but the more she grew as a person, the more she felt inclined to follow them word by word and sentence by sentence. Initially, she never took it seriously, but her growing passion for astrology soon took its toll.

Anita’s father also died amidst all the difficulties that she has already been facing. Her father died due to bowel cancer. Her life was already very upsetting, now that her dad is gone, she feels devasted. If this was not enough, Anita lost her mother after five years. To cope up with her grief, she eventually turned to horoscope to find solace. And that’s how started her obsession. She could gain strength from the reading that she goes through every morning. Plus, now that we have apps, you can always check out these readings on your mobile phone. Imagine the amount of time she would be spending every day on these apps.

Soon, Anita ended up spending a whopping $350 to get her birth chart. And she did. The chart was appropriate, and the readings provided her with a massive revelation about a few things that she never understood before. After the completion of the reading, Anita felt so much better. To create her birth chart, she sent away a few details like where she was born, when she was born, and other details that her astrologer asked for.

Her obsession didn’t end there. She started to listen to her astrologer online recording session every day. She even started marking her calendar to keep an eye on her stars and planets. She wanted to know everything about her move, and she wanted to work according to her stars only to ensure that she never gets into any problem.

In fact, one day, Anita didn’t go to the office because her stars were not in her favor that day. And she didn’t want to take any chance. As these things progressed, she started having nightmares. In just a couple of months, her world turned upside down because of her addiction to astrology. Anita also started to avoid some people only because her stars didn’t match with theirs, even though she was once kind to them. Things became so serious that once, she even said no to a project because somehow the stars were not allowing her to do that.

She soon realized how things in her life are getting controlled by her habit of reading astrology. How can she tell her boss that she rejected a project because of astrology, it won’t make sense to her, right, and how will she get back to the people that she has been avoiding so far?

Things like grief, fear, anxiety tempt us to be dependent on something which somehow calms us done. And the same thing was happening to Anita as well. She found solace in astrology.

Finally, she realized that she is letting her addiction govern her life ultimately, which is not healthy at all, and she needs to come out of it.

The crux of this story is that astrology should be taken as a friend who advises you to be safe and do good in life. Astrology keeps you guarded, but that doesn’t mean that you have to shape or mold your life as per astrology only. Read horoscopes to find answers, and work for that accordingly. But just because astrology says that your star sign is not compatible with few other star signs doesn’t mean that you will not be able to be friends with them. Astrology warns you, but it also gives you solutions.

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