Newsletter June 2022

Welcome to your June 2022 horoscope! It's good news for everyone: June brings the challenging astrology of May to a halt. As we enter the month, we are in Gemini season, a zodiac sign whose main talent is to embrace curiosity and change, which is exactly what we need right now.

In this video, I’m going to tell you what will happen in June in the sky from an astrological perspective - and then afterward I’m gonna tell you what each sign can expect...

On June 3, the second Mercury retrograde of 2022 ends, after three weeks of deep introspection. The first days of the month are ideal to go back to the notes and ideas that came to you during the retrograde.

June 4 is another big day because there will be another entrance to the list of planets in retrograde: Saturn. Until October 22, Saturn will lose its power, giving some of us a well-deserved break from demanding and stressful situations.  For the next four months, we will be spending our energy setting boundaries with our social sphere in order to get better connected with our true selves.

The next big astrological event arrives on June 14, when there is this month’s full moon. Happening in philosophical Sagittarius, this lunation’s cosmic job is to challenge us to see and think about things from a different perspective. 

By the time this month’s new moon arrives on June 28, the New moon in Cancer be ready to plant the seed of intentions. This lunation will light up our inner fire—and if we manage to stay realistic and grounded, we can use this lunar event as fuel to manifest our deepest dreams. 


Your ruler, Mars, will be in your sign all month, expanding your ambition and hunger for success. Follow it, as you only get this energy once every two years. 


Unlike May, June comes with luckier stars for you, Taurus! Venus, your ruler, spends most of the month in your sign, helping you attract your heart’s desires. Make any bold moves before June 22, and especially around June 11.


It’s birthday time, Gemini! As you go about your celebrations, you should be running into people who could help you materialize your dreams—thanks to go-getter Mars making major moves in your eleventh house of networking. If you have any important projects in the pipeline, Mercury will instigate their success. 


You love Gemini season, as it brings the introspective energy that you enjoy. Hide in your cocoon for most of June, to prepare for your upcoming rebirth. However, do try to network, as you have some stellar influences to meet new people who can uplift your career efforts.


Let the fun begin! Saturn’s retrograde is like music to your ears, as the teacher planet begins to slow down—and with it, the emotional challenges that it has brought you in the recent weeks. Your ruler, the Sun, spends most of the month in Gemini, creating opportunities for you to have fun and spend time with some of your favorite people


Your ruler, Mercury, goes direct on June 3, so spend the first few days of the month integrating all the lessons it bought you. Make your power moves after the full moon, between June 16 and June 20, which is when Mercury and the Sun will be activating your sector of career and public success. 


Your ruler, Venus, is in a strong position most of the month, which should amplify your powers of attraction. It will also be connecting with the Lunar North Node of Destiny, so from June 12 to June 20, serendipity plays a huge role in your life.


If May brought changes to your relationships, the astrology of June starts putting the pieces together. Venus in your sector of relationships brings sensuality, connection, and maybe even the chance of you or your partner to receive more money. 


It’s a month for you to work it, Sagittarius! The Gemini Sun illuminates all the avenues that could eventually lead to enriching partnerships. Mercury, the master of deals, will also be helping you succeed, maybe even bringing the signing of a contract under the June 14 full moon, which happens in your sign. 


What the current astrology has been teaching you is that experiencing fun and pleasure is productive—and that’s one of June’s themes for you! Within this powerful process of transformation, the June 14 full moon helps you release any old subconscious patterns so you can move with more freedom and joy, Capricorn.


It’s a great month for you! For starters, Saturn goes to sleep in your sign, meaning that until October 22, life should become less taxing for you. May that be a reason for a celebration? The stars say "Yes," so go out and have fun with your favorite people while the Sun is in the fun sign of Gemini, until June 20.


In June, your sector of communication is receiving powerful blessings, Pisces. If you’ve been working on a media, writing, or marketing project, you could download some major inspiration and ideas until June 20.

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