Zodiac Compatibility - Relationship Compatibility Between Zodiac Signs

Compatibility is on everyone’s mind when looking for love, beginning a new relationship, and even when things start to get bumpy in an established partnership or marriage.

Astrological compatibility is important. It can truly make or break a relationship, and this compatibility page will help determine who is the best sign for you in love. 

This doesn’t relate to only love and romantic compatibility either, there are signs that are amazing friends but less than ideal lovers and vice versa.

This page will let you know all the best details on compatibility and who the best matches for you throughout all aspects of your life, just keep reading to find out!

Zodiac Compatibility Signs for Love, Marriage, Relationships, and Sex

There is no doubt that some signs just work better than others and this has a lot to do with your Sun sign.

Your Sun sign is where the Sun was at the exact moment of your birth, and this represents your ego, personality, sense of self, and how others see you.

If you have an Earth Sun sign like Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, you’ll likely attract more Air signs such as Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius, than Water signs like Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, or Fire signs like Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.

All of which is just due to the nature of your core being meshing well with Air. 


If you’re an Aries you may have noticed that you have better romantic compatibility with a Libra, Scorpio, or Sagittarius. This is due to Aries people having drive and passion behind everything they do, which include their partners.

An Aries also need someone who can keep up with their intense emotions. The best match out for you would have to be Scorpio. Scorpio’s dark and mysterious self-drawn qualities can get out the best in Aries. These two would make an excellent couple if they put in the effort.


Taurus’ are just simply in love with love. Taurus is the sign of excess and they need someone by their side that can be everything they need and more.

The love compatibility that Taurus and Sagittarius share is an unusual one, not many of these relationships work out in the end, but if they do, if the work is put in from both sides, these relationships are ones for the history books.

The spontaneity and passion that Sagittarius gives to Taurus are exactly what Taurus needs to live a full and exciting life.


Gemini’s are naturally very attracted to a Leo and Virgo as there is an almost instant physical connection and a mental connection is soon to follow.

Gemini is a sign of freedom—the first Air sign in the zodiac. They need room to breathe in a relationship and Leo’s and Virgo’s both are best suited for this type of relationship.

Attached when you need them to be, distant when things get to feel a little crowded. Marriage is not often seen for these signs, however, but again, it’s a matter of wanting freedom and not a matter of being incompatible


Cancers in love tend to gravitate towards other water signs, specifically Scorpio, These signs can provide what the other is lacking such as affection from Cancer and support and drive from Scorpio.

Cancer Suns can be a little much at times which makes it difficult for any  Sun sign to be perfect for them, but Scorpio signs can put in the effort needed and this can become a very beautiful and tender relationship.


Leos are typically most romantically compatible with Geminis, Cancers, and Capricorns. Leos need the right amount of attention and freedom and these are the signs best suited to do that.

Gemini’s connection is pure and karmic, whereas Cancer is naturally attentive to all of Leo’s needs, and Capricorn’s energy is exactly what Leo needs and vice versa.


If you’re a Virgo, you may find yourself more drawn to Pisces Suns. These signs are opposite to each other in the sky and they make for excellent romantic partners.

Friends not so much, the romance levels are always high between these two signs.


Libra’s get along with pretty much everyone and their compatibility rates are through the roof, but the absolute best pairings for a Libra in love would be Aries, Cancer, and Leo. 

All of these pairings could be seen and felt like a match made in heaven. In every aspect that Libra lacks or desires, these signs can provide. 


If you’re a Scorpio you may have noticed that you have a hard time committing to somebody romantically because that means you have to open yourself up and be vulnerable.

This is something you’re not really comfortable doing with just anyone. You’ll have a significantly easier time relating to somebody you’re romantically compatible with such as Aries, Cancer, or Pisces/

Aries is naturally alluring to Scorpio and their energy is off the charts, and the remaining water signs flow nicely and seamlessly with Scorpio.


Sagittarius signs find it difficult to have a true mate as their needs are high and not many signs can provide for Sagittarius in the ways they need.

They are natural wanderers and rarely settle down, but an Aquarius could make things work if their synastry was also compatible. Fire and Air signs are exciting and powerful, and Aquarius is just odd enough to draw Sagittarius in.


Leo and Virgo are definitely the right pairs for any Capricorn. These signs have amazing chemistry and their love is seemingly never-ending.

They each appreciate what the other can provide and the way a Capricorn’s mind work is very enticing to Virgo and Leo alike.


Aquarius’s best romantic partner would have to be Sagittarius. These two signs go hand in hand with their unique mindset, ways of thinking, and emotional communication.

Sextile Suns to each other, these signs live in harmony together and every day ought to be an adventure.

Pisces romantic compatibility is best linked with Cancer, Scorpio, and Virgo, though a relationship with a Virgo will take more effort to keep than with another water sign.

Water signs are compatible with each other for more reasons than not, a major factor being their emotional communication and core values.

Soulmate Compatibility

Astrological compatibility goes much further than Sun signs and to see if someone is your soulmate you would have to look at the synastry between your two charts.

There are also many types of soulmates, not just romantic ones. And yes, that was plural; you can have many soulmates, romantic or not, in your lifetime.

A soulmate is someone who fits into your life and works perfectly around you and helps you achieve your life’s path. These people are always a karmic gift and you have very likely already met some of your soulmates.

Astrological Incompatibility 

Just as there is platonic, romantic, familial, and professional compatibility, there is also incompatibility.

Here are who the signs are most incompatible with. If you think you’re just less likely to get along or really understand where the other is coming from. 

You can use this information to weed out any potential risks when meeting new people if you have certain goals in mind.

The Fire signs, though all different and unique in their own way, these signs tend to be incompatible with Earth signs, and Leo and Capricorn are an exception, but likely the only exception in this case.

Fire and Earth just do not mix—their core values shift over time and the relationship between them becomes dull and lackluster.

Fire signs need freedom and excitement and Earth signs just want to settle down and feel secure, truly the last thing on any Fire sign’s mind. 

Water and Fire put each other out, so Aries and Pisces are always at odds, Sagittarius and Cancer just do not understand each other, how Sagittarius can be so carefree and how Cancer wants to be a homebody and a caregiver.

Water signs with a few Earth signs as well make for a muddy situation regarding emotional balances and communication problems.

Earth signs, as mentioned above, have difficulty with Fire and Water signs, with some incredible exceptions, however.

Earth signs are incompatible with many types of people because Earth signs are focused on their own mindset, their own goals. Not allowing, or wanting to allow anyone to change their direction. Their way is the right way in an Earth sign’s mind.

Air signs are typically very easy to get along with, especially Libra. Very honestly, I wouldn’t say Libra is incompatible with anyone, though they can be at odds with Virgo, but likely only in romantic or familial situations.

Gemini is on the other end of the spectrum—difficult to get along with, but if you can manage to get on their good side, the relationship you share could be fantastic.

Aquarius is generally quite friendly and easy-going regarding compatibility, so again, there isn’t really one sign that has a negative compatibility trait.

Astrological compatibility goes deeper than the surface, but we look at people’s Sun sign placements because the Sun represents our core being, our most basic personality traits, and how we present ourselves to the public.

Let us know if you’ve had any positive experiences with some typically incompatible signs to yours and if you think you’ve met your soulmate!