2021: Yearly Horoscope for Sagittarius

The Big Picture for Sagittarius in 2021

Some powerful eclipses are destined to rock the Archer’s world, as their daily horoscope suggests. The first occurs on May 26th in their 1st House of Identity, when a lunar eclipse brings an oppressive role to a close. At long last, Sagittarius can break free of a restrictive work or living situation and go back to being themselves.

A solar eclipse on June 10th falls in this sign’s 7th House of Relationships, attracting a vivacious business or romantic partner. Although Sagittarius loves their independence, they won’t hesitate to join forces with this firecracker, whose sharp intellect keeps them on their toes. As their love horoscope and career horoscope show, 2021 is an excellent year for Sagittarius to work as half of a team. 

Jupiter, Sagittarius’s ruling planet, will bring lots of exciting opportunities for quick trips in 2021, thanks to its tour of their 3rd House of Short-distance Travel and Study. The Archer may be on the road quite a bit between January 1st and May 13th, and then again from July 29th to December 28th. These times are also favored for casual study, as their daily horoscope indicates. 

The Archer also has a golden opportunity to upgrade their living situation, when expansive Jupiter moves into their 4th House of Domesticity from May 14th and July 28th, and then again from December 29th through 2022. Sagittarians looking for a new home should check their daily horoscope regularly during these periods, which can help them find the perfect property. 

Learning a practical skill can greatly improve Sagittarius’s professional prospects, as their career horoscope shows. That’s because diligent Saturn is moving through their 3rd House of Short-distance Travel and Study. Mastering a foreign language, computer code, or musical instrument is strongly advised for Archers wanting a career boost. 

Admittedly, Sagittarius’s job situation will be a little spotty in 2021, since unpredictable Uranus is moving through their 6th House of Work and Wellbeing. According to their daily money horoscope, it might be difficult for The Archer to find a steady position. Doing freelance work, joining a temp agency, or accepting seasonal assignments might be the best strategy for job-seeking Sagittarians. 

Homelife could be idealistic this year, thanks to dreamy Neptune’s slow tour of Sagittarius’s 4th House of Domesticity. As their daily horoscope shows, the Archer may prefer to be a stay-at-home parent this year. Alternatively, this sign could be caring for an elderly parent in 2021—this will be a therapeutic arrangement for everyone involved. 

Sagittarius’s money situation will continue to transform in 2021, due to resourceful Pluto’s visit to their 2nd House of Earned Income. Instead of clinging stubbornly to the old ways of making a living, The Archer should be open to exploring different kinds of professional opportunities. When they reach dead ends in the job market, this sign should check their career horoscope. 

Love Horoscope for Sagittarius in 2021

Sagittarius’s romantic prospects will be at an all-time high between March 22nd and April 14th, when alluring Venus moves through their 5th House of Love and Creativity. Single Archers will have no problem winning over romantic interests with their wit, intelligence, and free spirit, as their daily horoscope reflects.

Falling in love with someone who is courageous, athletic, and ambitious is a distinct possibility at this time.

An exciting romantic relationship could light up Sagittarius’s life on or around June 10th, when a solar eclipse energizes their 7th House of Relationships. This sign should check their love horoscope regularly for two weeks after this date when their chances of getting engaged or married will be excellent.

Archers who are already in serious relationships may get some thrilling news from their partner that benefits both their lives. 

The Archer is destined to attract lots of admirers in the two weeks following December 4th, when another solar eclipse sends jolts through their 1st House of Identity. As their love horoscope shows, a Sagittarius will be inundated with tokens of affection, requests for dates, and sincere compliments at this time. Single members of this sign will be spoiled for choice, while Sagittarians in committed relationships will get much-needed ego boosts. 

Friendship Horoscope for Sagittarius in 2021

Sociable Sagittarius has never lacked friends and this holds true for 2021. Their already large circle of friends could get even bigger in the two weeks following October 6th, when the new moon rises in their 11th House of Friendship. Mixing and mingling will be lots of fun for The Archer during this time, as reflected by their daily horoscope. 

Any Archers wanting to turn a friendship into a romantic relationship should carry out a courtship strategy between August 26th and September 10th. That’s when romantic Venus will visit their 11th House of Friendship, paving the way for a rewarding love relationship.

Joining hearts with someone who is witty, sophisticated, and artistic is a strong possibility for Sagittarius at this time. 

Career Horoscope for Sagittarius in 2021

Any Archer wanting a steady job should send out lots of resumes and go on plenty of interviews between April 15th and May 8th, when abundant Venus tours their 6th House of Work and Wellbeing.

Although holding down a regular position may be difficult with unpredictable Uranus occupying this house, Sagittarius’s career horoscope shows this is a possibility at this phase of 2021. 

A burdensome work role could come to an end for Sagittarius near May 26th, due to a lunar eclipse. If The Archer’s job comes to a close at this time, they may secretly breathe a sigh of relief, as this position prevented them from spending quality time at home.

Savvy Archers will check their career horoscope regularly during this period, as it may inspire them to start a home-based business that is better suited to their needs in 2021. 

The best opportunities for professional advancement will occur in the two weeks following September 7th, when the new moon rises in Sagittarius’s 10th House of Career. According to their daily money horoscope, there will be plenty of chances to land a prominent position, get a pay increase, and secure an impressive job title at this time.

Whatever ups and downs occur in Sagittarius’s work life, they should be comforted by the fact that transformative Pluto is still in their 2nd House of Earned Income. Boom periods will inevitably follow lean periods in 2021, as this sign’s career horoscope will demonstrate.

Fortunately, Archers are famously flexible and don’t dwell on disappointments, making it easy to turn their luck around at a moment’s notice. 

Health Horoscope for Sagittarius in 2021

Nervous energy can take a toll on the Archer’s health in 2021 if this sign isn’t careful. Jittery Uranus continues its slow journey through their 6th House of Work and Wellbeing, making Sagittarius prone to nervous ailments.

As their daily horoscope indicates, brisk aerobic exercise, combined with relaxing practices like prayer and meditation, can be very therapeutic. 

Because Sagittarius’s 6th House of Work and Wellbeing is ruled by earthy Taurus, it means this sign can gain great health benefits from being outdoors. Talking a brisk walk each day, gardening, or bike riding can reduce the effects of stress, which is reflected by their daily horoscope.

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