6 Zodiac Signs that Will Have the Best Luck in Love this 2020

Just a few days to go and all the moments and memories that we built in 2019 will gradually start to fade away. Days are getting shorter and shorter, and the anticipation regarding 2020 is getting higher and higher. We can't wait to know what the new year has stored for us, and those who are romantically involved want to know if their relationship will work out or not.

This leads us to the forecast of six zodiac signs who are the luckiest in terms of love in 2020. These signs will see some significant changes in life, and they will be the luckiest in love as well.


Aries, get ready to embrace 2020 because we can see a lot of good things happening to you in the new year. You might feel that there is a lot of things to do, but you will also see remarkable progress in your life. Not just this, if you are seeing someone, then things are getting serious between you two in 2020, and you will like to take things forward.


Cancer, 2020 will bring in some unexpected changes in your life. Now, unexpected changes don't always have to be negative or bad. You will see that these changes are letting you grow as a human being. If you are with someone already, you will feel more connected to that person, and perhaps you will like to take things a bit further.


2020 is not going to start in a good note for many star signs; however, Virgos don't need to worry about anything. This year, you are going to take things a little too seriously, and the same can be said about your love life too. You will help people who need your support and be with those who you love the most.


Leos, you might feel that you are not ready to move on in 2020, but the planets have some other plans for you. 2020 will allow you to put everything in place, and move on peacefully. This is the year where you will focus on love and relationships.

You may need some time to understand who is the right person for you, but once you do, you will be on the right track.


Sagittarius, 2020 is the time for you to relax. Stop seeing the glass as half full, try and understand that this thought is slowing you down. You need to get out of those situations that serve no purpose to you. Allow your adventurous side to kick in and renew your life yet again.


Pieces you will be riding a rollercoaster ride in the new year. You need to differentiate between people that truly matter to you because some of those relationships will allow you to become more confident and grow stronger. You can gain something very big out of these relationships, but it's on you whether you will be able to leave things that you need to keep separate.

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