As Jupiter heads toward Aquarius – The time has come to turn dreams into reality

Jupiter is the planet of growth, luck, knowledge, wealth, is is preparing to enter Aquarius on December 20, 2020, after a period of 12 very long years.

This is the period when the boundless energy of Jupiter mixes with the imaginative and creative powers of Aquarius. It is the time when you should leave the past behind, and come forward to chase your dreams, and in the process, you would get the opportunity to reinvent yourself.

In doing so, you will be leaving the unpleasant moments of your life behind, and you would follow your dreams for a bright future and carve out a niche for yourself.

Even though life would bring challenges to test you at every turn, nothing can make you bow down in the days to come, and you would overcome the challenges as if you will be showing that you are skilled enough in doing the same. Instead of running away from problematic situations, you will be standing ahead like a warrior to confront them. You won't be holding yourself back as you believe that by making multiple attempts, your dreams would reach the stage of fulfillment. You haven't got a valuable opportunity like this before, and you will try to prove your mettle in terms of achievements of dreams. You will be leaving the surroundings of your comfort to utilize your capabilities and make the most of it by going through all the sufferings and obstacles. Since you're not scared of change, you will be adapting to new situations and trying something out of the box as cosmic stars will be standing like a pillar in your support.

You won't allow your insecurities to suppress you in the upcoming days. Furthermore, you will be introspecting and making an in-depth analysis of your current situation to help you plan the future course of action. A spark of an insightful idea would expand the range of your thought process and upgrade your mind in such a manner that your decision-making skills would become the top-notch one. Going after the dreams is more concerned with a psychological factor. Thus, you will be working on those aspects that would boost your psychological level tremendously.

By setting goals and consistently working toward them, you will be able to ride on the clouds of success amid the vast sky. You would start exploring a wide array of things as you never know what's going to take place in the moments to come. With Jupiter’s expanding energy, you realize it is the most appropriate time to grow your outlook, as you are likely to receive results from the most unexpected of places. 

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