Astrology Forecast: August 2022

Welcome to your August 2022 astrological forecast!

And here we are in August. This month is one of those months where Astrologers are at the edge of their seats in anticipation. This is because August starts big and continues to expand, initiating a journey that's likely to last all the way to 2023.

Up until this point, we've had most of the significant transits of 2022 have already occurred, so some of us might've settled into what feels like stability, but before we get too excited... there's one last shake-up before things start to drop.

So what is the big thing every astrologer on the planet is talking about these days?

It’s the triple conjunction of Mars, Uranus and the North Node that is slowly intensifying as the month progresses.

The North Node's transit through Taurus has played a significant role in both the economic crisis and advancements of 2022. Taurus itself is the sign related to money, finances and all the basic needs for life to sustain itself. There's a good chance this won't be an easy process since Mars is said to be exiled or unfamiliar with Taurus' natural inclinations.

One good way to prepare for this is to pay attention to what new episodes occur in your life as soon as August 20th comes around. Looking at the houses where Mars rules and where Gemini is in your chart will give you good hints about what to pay attention to, but the central theme to look for is "difference in opinions."

To sum it up; August is not the month to make final decisions.

Study your field and all of your options, especially those related to where you store and secure your valuables. And please note that sometimes, what is comfortable and known, might not be the best option. So who's ready for a change?

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Aries 1024x576


August is a month of many shifts for Aries. This month Jupiter will officially start his retrograde phase in your own sign, and Mars, who's said to be the steersman- or the planet responsible for- Aries is also taking his first steps in the sign of his retrograde later in 2022. And with that in mind, you better get ready for retrogrades to be the central theme for the rest of your year. Watch Johannes' forecast for Aries.

Taurus 1024x576


I'm sure you don't need me to tell you this, but the last month was a pretty hectic time for Taurus. Especially if you're reading this horoscope because you have a Taurus ascendant, Mars would've been transiting through the most sensitive spot in your whole chart. This transit can bring anything from fevers to rashes and cuts, but the good news is, it's almost over... sorta.Watch Johannes' forecast for Taurus.

Gemini 1024x576


Geminis born during the day get the best transits out of the two Mercury-ruled signs this year. This is because Jupiter- your luckiest planet- will be able to support your Sun or Ascendant throughout the whole year. And even though, by the time you read this horoscope, Jupiter will already be retrograde, that just means that the biggest planet on our solar system is getting ready to revisit your 10th house of career, bringing further expansion to your actions and popularity.Watch Johannes' forecast for Gemini.

Cancer 1024x576


Although last month might not have been an abundant month regarding finances due to Mercury opposing Saturn, Venus will trine Jupiter and lend a helping hand to your 2nd house at the beginning of the month. A previous job or something you have worked on in the past is likely to resurface to continue helping you with your debts. The good news is that this transit will last for all of 2023, so there's a lot to look forward to! Watch Johannes' forecast for Cancer.

Leo 1024x576


Happy birthday if you are a Leo Sun! And if you are a Leo Rising, happy birthday to you too, sort of, you are still one of the main attractions this month. You will start this month right away with the Sun in your first house opposing the Moon and Saturn in your 7th, and with a triple conjunction of Mars, Uranus and the north node in your 10th house. It will be a mildly tense moment; there might be conflict related to your inner will and the will of others. Whether work-related or relationship-wise, there may be some ego clash between you and your partners. Stay strong, Leo! Watch Johannes' forecast for Leo.

Virgo 1024x576


By now, most of you have probably heard about the triple Mars-North Node- Uranus conjunction that happens right on the first day of the month. While the whole world was likely running in circles and going crazy, Virgos, on the other hand, might've benefitted from such chaotic times. While that doesn't mean that the transit is accessible, it likely was more of mayhem with very positive side effects, especially if you were born during the night.  Watch Johannes' forecast for Virgo.

Libra 1024x576


Welcome to August, Libra! You have started the month with planet Jupiter stationing retrograde in your 7th house, trining the Sun in your 11th house. Someone from your past is likely becoming a lover, probably a friend. It also can be that you and your partner are having more fun together and going out to experience life. Watch Johannes' forecast for Libra.

Scorpio 1024x576


Welcome to your astrological check-up Scorpio! Indeed, the planet Mars has not made your love and partnership life easy last month. Since it started transiting your 7th house, many complications that you do not control started to haunt you and make people you thought you felt safe with not precisely the best of allies. Watch Johannes' forecast for Scorpio.

Sagittarius 1024x576


Hello, child of Jupiter! Last month Venus and Jupiter supported your creativity and relationships with everyone from siblings to friends to significant others. This month Mars puts on the boss hat and takes over. Watch Johannes' forecast for Sagittarius.

Capricorn 1024x576


Let's get to it you beautiful sea-goat. This month in the wild wild astrology west: Venus joins the Sun in your 8th house while the Full Moon joins Saturn in your 2nd house. This starts a "who's the top gun" stand-off. Mars in your 5th house lends Mercury in the 9th some extra power while Mercury, in turn, trines your ascendant giving you some extra focus. Watch Johannes' forecast for Capricorn.

Aquarius 1024x576


This month there's a focus on boundaries in your relationships initiated by the Sun and Mercury opposing that Saturn still in your Ascendant. You also see themes of YOUR and OTHER people's money with Mercury and the Sun transiting your 8th house and Jupiter retrograde ruling your 2nd house. This is important for your finances because both of these houses are linked to money and resources. Watch Johannes' forecast for Aquarius.

Pisces 1024x576


In a short overview, this month Venus is still supporting your creative and sexy endeavors for about a week, Mercury has you communicating more with your committed partners, and Jupiter slows down the pace of your earnings a bit. Now the star-child of the month is really Mars who has you still mildly aggravated before starting his almost 6 month-long stays (including a retrograde) in your 4th house. But don't you worry, we'll figure it out together! Watch Johannes' forecast for Pisces.

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