Transit of Aug. 2, 2022: Venus in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus

A nurturing combination for romance and friendships. It’s easy to fall (and remain) in love.

Venus sextile Uranus natal has a positive influence on your social life, love life, and your artistic or creative style. You have an open-minded and progressive view of your own self-worth which should make you comfortable among others in a social situation. People notice that your lifestyle or appearance is somewhat unusual or unconventional and you are aware they do.

With few hang-ups or barriers, people are attracted to you and you should enjoy social popularity. Finding a lover should come as easy as making friends because there is always something interesting or exciting about you to spark their interest.

Your friends and partners are also likely to show a flair or eccentricity so a degree of independence will help to keep up healthy relationships. You will be happiest with a partner who is not demanding or smothering and may have a non-traditional family setup or have to juggle multiple commitments.

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