Astrology Forecast: September 2022

Welcome to autumn and your monthly horoscope for September 2022! 

I´m Johannes and I´m an astrologer from Copenhagen, Denmark together with I have made this newsletter to help you navigate the themes of YOUR life according to the stars. 

I will PROVIDE YOU with personal astrological guidance  - so you can live the best and most authentic life in September. 

As the Sun shifts from the sign of Leo into Virgo, there is wisdom in listening to the messages of both signs on either side of the neighboring wall (in this case it would be taking the energy of Leo, into the lessons of Virgo so that you can express in a Libra way).

My little sister was disappointed she didn't get selected for an upcoming dance performance... "I just want to be on stage," she said! This is Leo energy speaking...

So I told her to integrate that desire with Virgo energy... "Focus on practicing your craft and honing your skills everyday...

And soon you'll be creating art and beauty!" (qualities Libra energy values highly!)Remember that you are a divine being meant to shine your light AND that nothing comes without work or dedication. After all, “practice makes perfect”.

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Virgo season is about getting your life in order after the fun you’ve had during Leo season, Aries. Getting all your life’s processes to work better is your ultimate goal now, and Mercury retrograde in your work sector from September 9 to September 23 will let you fine-tune what needs to be revised. Watch Johannes' forecast for Aries.

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August was so eventful for you, so in September you get a little break from all the change. You love the energy of Virgo, as it resonates with you. Your creativity will be highlighted this month, and you might even pick an old project back up as you feel inspiration all around you. Enjoy yourself, because starting September 22, you could be very busy with work and life.Watch Johannes' forecast for Taurus.

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While you might experience the end of a big project at work around the September 10 full moon, this month, home is where your heart is, Gemini. Virgo season could see you spending more time with the ones you love and maybe even making a remodel or repairs. Conversations could get intense as Mercury retrogrades in your home sector between September 23 and October 2, so practice compassion.Watch Johannes' forecast for Gemini.

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Communication plays a big role in your September storybook, Cancer. The Sun activates your sector of talking, writing, and exchanges—and this is where Mercury will go retrograde. If you must review, revise, or redo a project, see it as a blessing in disguise. Once the Sun enters Libra on September 22, you will have more time to focus on home and family. This area of your life will also go through a reinvention, when tough conversations and changes might need to take place. Watch Johannes' forecast for Cancer.

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Life was intense in August, but in September, you are riding chiller waves, Leo! Your personal values have changed, and this month will allow you to integrate all the change that has taken place. Mercury goes retrograde in your financial sector between September 23 and October 2, bringing the perfect opportunity to take a hard, cool look at your finances. If you need to make any big adjustments, wait until October 7, however. Watch Johannes' forecast for Leo.

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Happy birthday, Virgo! As you head into this brand-new year, you’re being instigated to go through an epic transformation. Mercury, your planetary ruler, will expose the relationships that no longer resonate with your path, as it goes retrograde between September 9 and October 2. Luckily, Venus in your sign from September 5 to September 28 is also attracting newer, better people into your life.  Watch Johannes' forecast for Virgo.

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A big month is on the horizon, Libra! Mercury retrograde begins in your sign, asking you to change the way you interact with the world around you. Use the September 10 full moon to get a new and radical makeover, one that reflects who you are becoming! The energy shifts for you at month’s end, when the Sun and Venus enter your sign, on September 22 and September 25, respectively.. Watch Johannes' forecast for Libra.

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September is an interesting month for you Scorpio. At times, you will have a deep need to retreat, especially as Mercury retrogrades on September 9. But try to keep a healthy balance between rest and socializing, as Venus in Virgo will be activating your networking house, meaning it could put you face-to-face with some powerful people. You have gone through an epic transformation this year, and the September 25 new moon is perfect to squeeze out the last bits of negative thoughts that remain in your mind. Watch Johannes' forecast for Scorpio.

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September is quite an important month for you, Sagittarius! The Sun in Virgo until September 22 means business—and it means long hours of work, too. But there’s more! Mercury’s retrograde will have you rethink your career as well as your connection to the people who you work with and that help you succeed. Prepare for some life goals (and people) to emerge, shift, or disappear—especially as the September 10 full moon arrives. Watch Johannes' forecast for Sagittarius.

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It’s time to go deep, Capricorn! The beginning of the month has you dreaming about faraway horizons and it’s actually a good month for you to take a break or book a vacation. On September 9, Mercury will go retrograde in your career sector, which means that productivity will lower. Once the Sun enters Libra on September 22, things will begin to take shape, and all the delays will be making more sense. Watch Johannes' forecast for Capricorn.

Aquarius 1024x576


August was intense, so you will be glad to know September will be much easier for you. Both of your ruling planets, Saturn and Uranus, are now retrograde, bringing a slower pace of life for the next few months. Financial news could arrive at the September 25 full moon, Aquarius. If you need to decide something important, wait a couple of days for the fog to clear, as you might not have the full story yet. Watch Johannes' forecast for Aquarius.

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Relationships will be a focus for you in September, Pisces. This energy involves romantic or business partners and everyone you deal with one-on-one. Mercury going retrograde in your relationship sector between September 23 and October 2 will have you negotiating your current boundaries, and an old friend or ex could even return for closure around this time. A climactic moment arrives for you as the September 10 full moon arrives, bringing nice surprises and the ending of a deep transformation.Watch Johannes' forecast for Pisces.

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