Transit of Aug. 28, 2022: Venus in Leo opposition Saturn in Aquarius

A frustrating aspect that could make us feel unrecognized and unappreciated by others. It could create conflict and make it difficult to express feelings.

Venus opposite Saturn natal makes it extremely difficult to form loving relationships. You would have realized early on that you did not fit in because of below-average social skills. Not understanding why you developed feelings of unworthiness or inadequacy. Thinking there must be something wrong with you, guilt took hold which may have been reinforced by lack of affection, criticism or ostracism by your parents and other adults, especially authority figures like teachers.

There are various possible underlying reasons for these early negative conditioning. One or both parents may have lacked parenting skills associated with positive reinforcement at best, or have been mean and abusive at worst. You need to teach yourself about love, and money because it is all about value. If anything, your early conditioning led you to believe you were not that good and deserved to be sad and lonely. There may be some karmic reasons for this but that’s in the past and the corrective action is the same.

So learning that you are not a bad person may have to come before learning how to love yourself. Saturn is a late bloomer so unfortunately you probably had to put up with delay, restriction, and hardship into adulthood. Recognizing and admitting that your problems stem from your own inferiority complex is half the battle won. You can make up a lot of ground by not having to blame or forgive all the people who were mean or rejected you.

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