Career Horoscope - 2021 for Aquarius

Relocating for Work Could Be Profitable

The Aquarius money horoscope is filled with opportunities, this sign is showing financial prosperity throughout 2021.

The water bearer’s ruling planet, disruptive Uranus, continues its tour through their 4th House of Domesticity. Therefore, there’s a good chance that an Aquarius will get a sudden chance to relocate for work this year—greatly increasing their career success. 

Getting Attention for Unique Gifts

Checking the Aquarius daily money horoscope is strongly recommended throughout 2021 since this could be the water bearer’s luckiest year of the entire decade.

That’s because Jupiter, the planet of abundance, will tour their 1st House of Identity, helping an Aquarius to attract lots of favorable attention.

Getting recognized for their unique talents is a strong possibility between January 1st and May 13th, and then again from July 29th until December 29th. Use these golden periods to go on job interviews, launch promotional campaigns, and gain fame and acclaim. 

Attracting More Money Mid-year

Jupiter will also help Aquarius generate more income in 2021 when it moves through this sign’s 2nd House of Earned Income. First from May 14th through July 28th, then from December 29th into 2022.

Landing a high-paying job is a strong possibility, as is launching a successful business. Any way you slice it, the Aquarius career horoscope is very strong throughout the entire year. 

Commanding Career Respect

The Aquarius money horoscope shows this sign will command lots of career respect throughout 2021. That’s because Saturn, the planet of professionalism, will be moving through the water bearer’s 1st House of Identity all year.

High-powered executives are sure to be impressed by the willingness Aquarius shows to assume heavy responsibilities at work—paving the way for a possible promotion, raise, or both. 

Climbing to the Top of the Corporate Ladder

Any water bearers who want a promotion or high-profile job should check their Aquarius daily money horoscope regularly between September 11th and October 6th. 

Venus, the planet of abundance, will be touring their 10th House of Ambition at this time, opening an opportunity for a prestigious work role or prominent business presence.

Smart Aquarians will use this golden period to their best advantage.

Spinning Straw into Gold

Dreamy Neptune continues to bolster the Aquarius money horoscope this year, thanks to its tour of their 2nd House of Earned Income.

Any water bearer who wants to flee the corporate world can do so by selling their creative work for a handsome sum. Whether this sign is an artisan, actor, musician, or writer—this year offers lots of exciting career opportunities. 

Getting Help from People in the Right Places

The Aquarius career horoscope places a lot of emphasis on influential connections. Pluto, the executive planet, is touring the water bearer’s 12th House of Secret Strengths throughout 2021.

Thanks to a letter of recommendation from a prominent executive, politician, or celebrity—a terrific professional opportunity could fall into this sign’s lap. Aquarius shouldn’t hesitate to ask for a reference or call in a favor from a VIP.

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