Career Horoscope - 2021 for Gemini

As 2021 gets underway, there are several exciting strategies to cultivate Gemini daily money. To make the most of this year’s astrology, individuals under the twins’ sign would be wise to gain as much advanced knowledge and training as possible.

There’s never been a better year for Gemini to get a degree, certificate, or license in a specialized area—the more this sign learns, and the more it will earn in 2021.

Knowledge is Earning Power

The reason the Gemini career horoscope places so much emphasis on education is that Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is touring their 9th House of Higher Learning. This means having expert credentials will put Gemini in line for great jobs, impressive promotions, and big raises throughout 2021.

Generous Jupiter’s tour of this part of Gemini’s horoscope could put them in line for scholarships and grants, too, so covering tuition shouldn’t be a problem.

Attracting More Abundance for The Twins in 2021

The career horoscope for Gemini is especially fabulous between July 12th and July 28th, 2021. That’s when Mercury, this clever sign’s ruling planet, moves through its 2nd House of Earned Income.

Smart Geminis should use this golden period to land a high-paying job, ask for a raise, or increase their fees.

Profit-Sharing and Perks for Gemini in 2021

Gemini daily money can be greatly enhanced in the final two weeks of 2021. Profit-sharing, dividends, and bonuses could roll in between December 14th and December 31, thanks to Gemini’s ruling planet Mercury touring its 8th House of Supplementary Income.

Geminis who work on a commission basis could be especially lucky during this magical time.

Gemini Job Hunting in 2021

For Geminis seeking a steady new position in 2021, their career horoscope urges them to look diligently between November 6th and November 24th. Their ruling planet Mercury will tour Gemini’s 6th House of Work and Service at this time, making it an opportune moment to land a job that draws on their resourceful nature.

Until that time, Gemini may prefer to stay at their current employer or take temporary assignments as a means to earn money.

2021: A Fantastic Year for Ambitious Geminis

Last but not least, the twins should know that not only are prospects for Gemini daily money great, but their chances for getting a high-powered job in 2021 are stellar!

That’s because Jupiter, the planet of abundance, will move through this sign’s 10th House of Ambition twice this year, first between May 14th and July 28th, and second from December 29th to the end of the year, and then into 2022.

Any Gemini wanting to land an executive role, start their own business, or move into a high-powered industry should make their move during these incredible phases, which only occur once every decade! 

Wealthy Geminis Should Watch the Skies Every Day

Of course, the most successful Geminis know to check their career horoscope daily. A great job, a big raise, an impressive promotion, and even an early retirement are all possible when Gemini checks their horoscope luck each and every day.

Let’s discuss more information about your career-related insights, join us at today!

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