Career Horoscope - 2021 for Leo

Checking the daily horoscope Leo is only one ingredient to the lion’s career success this year. The truth is, this superstar has 12 whole months of prosperity in store for them—as long as they play their cards right.

Here’s where this sign’s best opportunities are for money, promotions, and career in 2021.

Blessed by Unexpected Career Advancements

Because Uranus, the planet of surprises, is touring Leo’s 10th House of Ambition throughout 2021, this sign’s career horoscope is stellar.

In particular, there will be three dates when Leo can get exciting news about raises, promotions, and job offers, these fall on April 30th, September 7th, and December 31st.

That’s when the Sun, the lion’s ruling planet, will form magical aspects to electrifying Uranus, stimulating the sign’s career prospects in a big way!

Making More Money in 2021

While reading their daily Leo horoscope for career advancement opportunities, this sign knows when their best time of 2021 to negotiate a raise, land a high-paying job or increase their fees. 

This period falls between August 23rd and September 22nd this year, when the Sun, their ruling planet, tours Leo’s 2nd House of Earned Income. By timing their financial plays just right, the lion could end the year with a much bigger bank account. 

Forming Prosperous Business Partnerships

Teaming up with a business partner, talent agent, or manager is a critical component to daily horoscope Leo’s success. Since Jupiter, the planet of abundance, tours the Lion’s 7th House of Partnerships for most of the year, this sign can only benefit from joining forces with a wild visionary.

Between Leo’s star power and their associate’s brilliance, this team will go a long way toward making money, generating business, and attaining career success.  

Finding the Right Job for Leo’s Star Power

Leo’s career horoscope places a lot of emphasis on stability, stature, and star power. That’s because their 6th House of Work and Service is ruled by dignified Capricorn.

Lions in search of a great job could fare very well between November 5th and December 31st, when affluent Venus tours this part of their horoscope chart. 

Wheeling and Dealing to Increase the Lion’s Bottom Line

This sign has a couple of golden opportunities to generate lots of additional income this year, making it a good idea to consult daily horoscope Leo as often as possible.

The first money-making phase falls between May 14th and July 28th, when abundant Jupiter moves through the lion’s 8th House of Unearned Income—attracting bonuses, investment dividends, and royalty checks.

Jupiter retraces its steps through Leo’s 8th House starting December 29th and continuing through 2022, making the final part of the year very lucrative for lions who are clever enough to negotiate profit-sharing agreements this year.

Shining Light on Leo’s Executive Abilities

Daily Leo horoscope can alert this sign to an extra-special chance for career advancement in 2021. This falls on June 10th, when a Solar Eclipse occurs in the sign’s 10th House of Professional Achievement.

To give you more guidance on your career path for this year, join us at today!

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