Career Horoscope - 2021 for Scorpio

Two Heads Are Better than One for Career-oriented Scorpions

Business alliances are favored by the Scorpio career horoscope in 2021. Uranus, the planet of innovation, is moving through this sign’s 7th House of Partnerships all year, suggesting that a Scorpion would be wise to team up with someone who is innovative, intelligent, and tech-savvy. 

Working with an agent or manager can also be beneficial for resourceful Scorpions—while their partners do the heavy lifting, this sign can focus on finding and generating new sources of income. 

Working from Home Works for Scorpio in 2021

The Scorpio money horoscope shows that, while most people continue to struggle during the pandemic, this sign will keep thriving. That’s because Jupiter, the planet of abundance, is moving through the Scorpion’s 4th House of Domesticity for most of the year.

Running a successful home business could be extremely profitable for this sign, especially between January 1st and May 13th, and then again from July 29th through December 29th. 

Spinning Straw into Gold

Scorpions are tremendously artistic—they enjoy pouring their heart and soul into creative endeavors.

That’s what makes this sign’s career horoscope very exciting, especially between May 14th and July 28th, then again from December 29th into 2022.

This is when joyful Jupiter moves into Scorpio’s 5th House of Fun and Creativity, suggesting they can make lots of money from artistic pursuits during these golden periods.

Pursuing Scorpio’s Pot of Gold

Ambitious Scorpions should circle the days surrounding June 12th and July 29th—that’s when the Scorpio money horoscope favors advancement.

Aggressive Mars will be touring this sign’s 10th House of Professional Success, suggesting a high-powered position could become available.

The competition for this job will be fierce, but even the process of applying will be instructive to Scorpions.

Throwing Out the Old and Welcoming the New for Scorpio

A Lunar Eclipse on May 26th could send shockwaves through the Scorpio career horoscope. A temporary loss of income is a blessing in disguise.

Instead of continuing along a dead-end street, Scorpions will have an opportunity to train for a new career that’s stimulating, adventurous, and spiritually gratifying. 

Getting Paid What Scorpio Is Worth 

The Scorpio money horoscope always places great emphasis on getting paid fairly. In 2021, the best chance for Scorpions to get a raise falls between October 7th and November 4th, when abundant Venus tours their 2nd House of Earned Income.

Scorpions should keep salary negotiations light and truthful—don’t fall for guilt trips or power plays during this pivotal time. 

Landing a Great Job with a Big Salary

Scorpio is slated to land a great job with a big salary on or around December 4th, thanks to an enriching Solar Eclipse in their 2nd House of Earned Income.

Self-employed Scorpions can raise their rates dramatically at this time, as their career horoscope indicates their services will be in great demand. Jobs involving higher education, travel, and publishing could be especially lucrative at the end of 2021. 

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