Career Horoscope - 2021 for Taurus

Taurus Career Prospects for 2021

The Taurus money horoscope shows that 2021 is filled with opportunities for fabulous career success.

That’s because Jupiter, the planet of luck, will be touring this sign’s 10th House of Ambition between January 1st and May 13th, then again from July 28th through December 28th.

These two golden periods will be extraordinary for finding high-profile work assignments, exceptional jobs, and incredible business opportunities. 

Showcasing the Bull’s Executive Ability

Any bull wanting to land a high-powered position will be cheered by the Taurus career horoscope. That’s because Saturn, the planet of professionalism, will move through their 10th House of Ambition all year.

Securing a spot in the executive suite is a distinct possibility for this sign in 2021. 

Increasing Taurus’s Income This Year

For bulls seeking a raise or wanting to increase their rates, the time between May 8th and June 2nd is perfect. That’s when Venus, their ruling planet, will be moving through their 2nd House of Earned Income.

Signing a lucrative deal is also highly favored during this period, as indicated by the Taurus career horoscope.

Leaving a Stifling Job for Greener Pastures

Mid-year brings exciting financial and career opportunities to the bull, thanks to a couple of powerful eclipses. The first one is a Lunar Eclipse on May 26th, when a claustrophobic financial deal will end.

At long last, Taurus will leave a limiting job, allowing them to take more emotionally and financially rewarding assignments, as the Taurus money horoscope shows. 

Landing the Perfect Job for Taurus’s Talent

On June 10th, an exciting solar eclipse could attract a lucrative job that draws on the bull’s ability to make people feel secure, comfortable, and pampered.

The Taurus career horoscope shows that this sign is long overdue for fame and acclaim in the work arena. Fortunately, that will change due to this empowering eclipse.

Taking Taurus’s Hoof off the Gas Pedal

If this sign doesn’t see the progress they expected between May 23rd and October 10th, it shouldn’t worry.

Any delays can be attributed to diligent Saturn’s retrograde motion through their 10th House of Ambition. The Taurus money horoscope says patience will be a virtue during this period. 

Attracting a Financial Windfall in Time for Holiday Shopping

The Taurus career horoscope shows that the solar eclipse on December 4th could be very lucrative for this sign. That’s because this powerful celestial event will electrify the bull’s 8th House of Dividends.

A bonus, raise, or prize could be awarded to this hard-working sign in the two weeks following this eclipse. 

Ending 2021 with a Big Win

A final Lunar Eclipse on December 18th closes out the Taurus career horoscope in a big way.

It’s very possible this sign could earn a giant bonus check as thanks for their hard work and ingenuity. It looks as though an employer or client will be especially grateful for this sign’s hard work, ingenuity, and good humor in the final weeks of the year. 

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