Transit of Dec. 29, 2022: Mercury goes retrograde in Capricorn

Every Mercury Retrograde is a time when misunderstandings and mishaps are common. Because Mercury appears to be moving backward in the sky, things associated with Mercury -- conversations, negotiations, technology, travel -- tend to go haywire. When Mercury retrogrades through Capricorn specifically, it targets the areas of life Capricorn rules: our careers, ambitions, and public status. You may experience setbacks in work, clash with authority, or suffer a blow to your image.

But there’s always something good you can take from Mercury Retrograde, too! A retrograde in Capricorn is a great time to look back on your professional life and assess where changes are needed. If you aren’t happy with the direction you’re headed, this is the time to revisit plans or paths you experimented with in the past to see if they make more sense.

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