Transit of Dec. 28, 2022: Venus in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces

Venus sextile Neptune transit arouses your sensual and caring side. This is a good time for passionate romantic encounters. You can enjoy increased sensitivity in sexual relations with your partner and may discover imaginative ways to increase your erotic pleasure. This is also a good time for dating as your increased magnetic allure will attract a tender and caring person, quite possibly a genuine soul mate or spiritual partner.

This is a good time for shopping for clothes, cosmetics, jewelry for yourself plus anything to decorate your home or add luxury to your life. You can rely on a good fashion sense and eye for beauty. Inspired creativity also makes this a good time for dance, music, and other forms of beautiful creative expression like painting and sculpture.

Neptune rules images, film, and screens. This is a good transit for making movies or even sharing romantic moments on the internet. If you have experienced low self-esteem, then this is a great time to show off in front of the mirror or webcam to yourself. No one has to see… not if you don’t want them to.

Friends and groups of people will be important to you at this time. You would enjoy seeing a movie or enriching your life by serving others through charities. Your unselfish and compassionate nature will increase your self-esteem as well as make a real difference to others.

Spiritual love can be expressed through religious or other spiritual group activities. Your intuition will be heightened and you may gain valuable insight through dreams and visions. Any psychic talent will be stimulated.

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