Transit of April 10, 2022: Mercury enters Taurus

This placement can help us to stabilize our thoughts and feelings, and find practical solutions to problems. We may also be drawn to the arts, as Taurus is ruled by Venus, the goddess of beauty. Music, art, and nature can all provide a sense of calm and peace under this influence.

When Mercury is in Taurus, we may also find it easier to focus on what we want and need. We can be more patient and persistent in our efforts, as well as more discriminating about the things we choose to bring into our lives. We may be less likely to change our minds often, or to jump into new projects without thinking them through.

This is a time when we can really get in touch with our earthly side, and appreciate the simple things in life. We may find that we enjoy spending time outdoors, or simply relaxing and enjoying what we have. We may also be more sensual under this influence, enjoying the feel of silk sheets or a good massage.

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