Transit of April 19, 2022: Sun enters Taurus

With the Sun in Taurus, this is a journey to the centre of what it means to be well-grounded. The focus is on the tangible, and how to make the most of what is available.

There is a strong appreciation for the material world and all that it has to offer. This can be seen in the Taurean's love of luxuries, as well as their deep respect for nature. The Bull is a Fixed sign, meaning that there is a strong desire to maintain stability and resist change. For the Sun in Taurus, this translates into a dedication to creating a sense of permanence in the world.

The challenge for those with the Sun in Taurus is to learn how to let go when necessary. The Bull can be stubborn, and resists change even when it is needed. With the Sun in Taurus, there is a focus on learning how to be flexible, and how to find the balance between holding on and letting go.

The Sun in Taurus is a time for grounding oneself in the world. There is a focus on creating a sense of stability and permanence, while also learning how to be flexible and adaptable. This is a time for exploring what it means to be well-rounded and grounded, both physically and emotionally. The journey is about finding the middle ground, and creating a foundation that can withstand anything.

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