Transit of April 8, 2022: Jupiter sextile True Node

The North Node sextile Jupiter aspect indicates that you are likely to have a lot of good luck in the areas of life indicated by Jupiter. You will be able to attract what you want with relative ease, and your expansive nature will lead you to success. However, it is important not to become too complacent and over-confident; stay humble and you will reap the rewards.

This transit can also indicate a time when you are able to manifest your dreams and goals with relative ease. You may have an increase in financial abundance, and opportunities for growth and expansion will abound. If you have been working hard on your spiritual or personal growth, this is the time when your efforts will pay off. You may find that you are able to attract what you want in life with relative ease, and your positive attitude will lead you to success. Just make sure to stay humble and grateful, and you will be able to enjoy all the benefits that this transit has to offer.

Now is the time to work hard and reap the rewards of your efforts!

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