Transit of Aug. 11, 2022: Venus enters Leo

Relationships burn brightly when the planet of love is in proud Leo. The next few weeks will be filled with grand, romantic gestures as it’s easy to express how in love we are—at least for the moment.

When lovely Venus enters Leo, the most expressive of all the zodiac signs, we’re ready to shout our love from the rooftops. Leo is a Fire sign that’s all about creativity, showing off, and speaking from the heart, so this energy lights up love like a torch. Expect playful dates, loud declarations of love, and maybe even a few jealous tantrums. Big feelings will be expressed now, one way or another!

No one wants to simply be liked or appreciated when Venus is in Leo ... we want to be adored. This is a time to take risks and make grand gestures, so those who play it safe could be left on the sidelines during this transit.