Transit of Aug. 22, 2022: Sun enters Virgo

After spending the last month being the center of attention, we become a little more modest as the summer comes to an end. For the next four weeks, the energy will be sensible, organized, and a little cynical as we pour over every detail.

Our focus shifts to the pieces of the puzzle–the little details of our lives. It is now time to take care of practical concerns. Attending to the details of everyday life may not sound like loads of fun, but it can certainly free us from unnecessary stress that results from “collecting” odds and ends of unfinished business.

This is an ideal time to get organized, to do detail work, and to improve communications on the job. We take more pride in our work, chores, and health efforts. We also want to be more organized and informed during the Sun-in-Virgo cycle.

We’re learning humility and the benefits of developing skills, some level of perfectionism, and the importance of attention to detail. It’s a time of down-to-earth practicality, when we prefer to invest our time and energy in things with realistic potential. We’re not inclined to ambition or going big. Attracting prosperity involves honest, careful, and attentive work and dedication.

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