Transit of Aug. 25, 2022: Mercury enters Libra

Communication becomes charming and friendly as our inner diplomatic comes to the surface. While it’s not a great time to make important decisions, it does give us a chance to brush up on our negotiation skills.

It might feel like your love life has gone haywire when the planet that rules communication, perception, and thought retrogrades through relationship-oriented Libra. Mercury Retrograde in this sign can feel a bit like a not-so-welcome blast from the past because this energy likes to stir up drama, causing old relationship issues to reappear. If we’ve had any resentments in the love department, this is the time when they could come spilling out.

This is an especially tough since it might feel like we aren’t even speaking the same language as the people we’re normally in sync with. Miscommunication can easily happen, and our patience may wear thin. It’s best to take a deep breath and try to decipher what others are really trying to say during this Mercury Retrograde.

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