Transit of Aug. 7, 2022: Venus in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces

An easy day to get lost in a daydream as energies will be perfect for artistic pursuits during this peaceful aspect.

Venus trine Neptune natal impacts two main areas of life, your relationships, and your creative expression. Of course, these both stem from your inner nature which is genuinely friendly and compassionate. Peace and serenity are your ideal, you wish for everything in your world to be beautiful in line with your spiritual ideals.

Your love life is important to you and tenderness and affection are at center stage. You are a soft and warm person and would dislike an aggressive, domineering, or egocentric type of partner. It is likely that you will idealize lovers or potential lovers so there is a chance of some disappointment if they don’t match up to your high ideals and repay your universal, unconditional style of love.

Unless there are other stronger aspects indicating sexuality and physicality in your chart, you may prefer soft caresses and cuddles more than a rampant sex life. As I alluded to, connecting at the emotional and spiritual level will give you the most satisfaction in your relationships. I expect that privacy may also be of concern to you.

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