Transit of Dec. 09, 2022: Venus in Sagittarius square Jupiter in Pisces

A square from transiting Venus to your natal Jupiter makes you aware of new desires for growth and brings new opportunities for expansion into your life. The source of change will likely come from your relationships. But wherever the changes come from, they will lead to an opening of new possibilities and potential. You could even feel pushed or pulled toward following a direction leading to further development. Seized by the desire to pursue a fortuitous opportunity, it feels more like something you have to do than something you’re choosing to do. This can be a busy time period, bringing lots of increased activity to manage. In general, though, all the work you need to attend to will bring about positive results and developments in the end. The challenge will be figuring out how to make space within your current circumstances for an influx of growth and expansion. The changes in desires and relational dynamics you experience during this time may also lead you to question your ideals, initiating a process of reconsidering the values and meaning you find in life.

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