Transit of July 18, 2022: Mercury in Cancer opposition Pluto in Capricorn

There could be betrayals and hurt feelings as we deal with power-hunger manipulations during this intense aspect that could make us hunger for revenge.

Mercury Opposite Pluto natal feels like an internal struggle with thoughts and concepts, how to rationalize, and then communicate them. The intensity of your nature comes from this deep psychological process and others will see you like a deep and complex person.

You are not happy to take ideas, news, or opinions at face value. Your inquiring mind must probe and deeply understand all the fine print and ramifications of any piece of data, from a spiritual concept to what your friend just said. This can lead to a wide and comprehensive knowledge. You may hone in on a particular field, becoming a master in your chosen field. You don’t like to be wrong, and this, together with your mental intensity, can lead to relationship problems.

The problem arises because people around you are unlikely to show the same degree of seriousness or interest in what you are thinking or talking about. Difficulty in connecting to people can arise because small talk does not challenge your mind enough to keep you interested.

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