Transit of July 23, 2022: Ceres enters Leo

This nurturing aspect brings our inner child out to play during this transit by encouraging joy and self-confidence. What can you do to nurture your inner child?

People with this position of Ceres located in Leo sign are extremely happy if they can take care of others, maybe this sounds surprising since Leo people are egoistic, but this is not the case. They want to make others feel happy, and the most common way they use it is to gift them and provide attention.
This position gives in some way happiness, optimism, and self-confidence, and when it is used in a good way, then the sky is the limit for the people who have this Ceres.

This is the position of great parents and great family people, but they also know how to instill the necessary self-confidence in others. It is what hides behind this intention, and it is okay.

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