Transit of July 23, 2022: Mercury in Leo trine Jupiter in Aries

Spending the day in the spotlight with the possibilities of promotions, recognition, and opportunities to take the lead.

Mercury trine Jupiter natal gives a broad outlook with a wide and comprehensive knowledge. Your positive attitude and generosity make you fun to be around. You should enjoy mixing with groups of people and should have no trouble making friends. Well-liked and popular, you could even become famous. You are eloquent with refined social skills and form mutually beneficial friendships.

This aspect helps your life run smoothly because of your broad perspective, good insight and ability to plan for the future. Jupiter amplifies all of your Mercury senses, thought processes, and communication skills. Your logical viewpoint, mental agility, and wide-ranging views are ideal for the study and teaching of languages, philosophy, religion, and law. You may also have a talent for writing science fiction given your future-oriented thinking. Your business acumen will help in any career you choose.

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