Transit of July 26, 2022: Mercury in Leo square Mars in Taurus

A day of paranoia when the energy of the Lion and Bull clash, creating conflicts and aggressive fighting when we believe that everyone is against us. Avoid starting new projects or getting into negotiations.

Mercury square Mars natal creates a number of tests and challenges in your life which mainly stem from the rapid speed of your thought processes. You rationalize things so quickly that there is not enough time for you to think about whether you are right or not. As a result of this rushed decision-making, you can blurt things out which others may find confronting. They may think you are being overly assertive or argumentative. Such misunderstandings only add to your frustration and temper, thus this destructive cycle continues and can escalate.

Your strong need for independence, lack of inhibition, passionate beliefs, and cynicism can add fuel to the fire. Your gritty, courageous, and fighting spirit can also exacerbate the problems which your sharp wit and tongue get you into. Other people may end up finding you hostile and unsympathetic to their concerns.

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