Transit of July 30, 2022: Mercury in Leo in opposition to Saturn in Aquarius

During this individualist aspect, stay far away from self-destructive people to avoid getting sucked into any drama.

Mercury opposite Saturn natal brings intelligence and wisdom, but also great frustration and sadness. The frustration comes from an inability to connect to others at a personal level. The reason is a lack of communication skills. Problems with hearing or a poor attention span lead to words being misinterpreted. So you often think the worst or believe that others are disagreeing with you or nagging you.

Frustration comes not only from poor communication skills but also from an inability to share your knowledge in an understandable way. Your speech may seem dull and boring, or too negative or technical. But there is hope because Saturn is a late bloomer. The constant struggle to be heard and taken seriously can result in a mastery of communication, more often with the written word but sometimes the spoken word.

The Internet offers a wonderful chance to communicate more effectively where extra time can be taken to fully understand and reply to messages. You also have a talent for understanding symbols and the deeper meaning of images.

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