Transit of March 20, 2022: Sun enters Aries

There is a refreshing sense of newness and potential with Sun in Aries. This sign can inspire us to take courageous steps and forge ahead. The energy of Aries can prompt action, movement and progress. Whatever we do, let's aim to keep things fresh during this time!

This energy is often expressed as taking the first step, even if there is risk involved. Aries individuals are unafraid of new beginnings. They are also willing to take on challenges and aren’t likely to shy away from a fight.

They may be less interested in the status quo and more willing to blaze their own trail.. Sun in Aries wants to experience life first hand. They are interested in the journey, not just the destination.

The Ram is ruled by Mars, which gives it its characteristic energy and drive. Mars is all about taking action and moving forward. It's a planet that represents our physical energy, as well as our courage and determination.

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