Transit of Oct. 18, 2022: Venus in Libra trine Mars in Gemini

Venus in Air, Mars in Air (Romantic Air, Airy Desires): In love, you are youthful, intelligent, spirited, and mostly cool-headed, or you are drawn to partners with these qualities. You need a certain amount of space——freedom of movement, both physically and mentally——in any relationship, and restrictive or possessive partners turn you off. Your mind needs to be stimulated in order for your sexual passions to engage. Not as empathetic as some, you are really quite rational when it comes to expressing yourself romantically and sexually. You offer your partners a certain level of freedom to be who they are, and you appreciate the same in return. You value being friends with your partners as well as lovers, and you’re a good friend, too! You are a playful, spontaneous, and light-hearted lover who considers communication to be a key “ingredient” in relationships. You respond most lovingly to verbal expressions of interest and affection. You are turned off by partners (or potential partners) who are uncommunicative. As long as there is what you consider to be an open and flowing communication between yourself and your partner, you feel loved and appreciated. You can be a real flirt, sometimes promising a little more than you can deliver. Your partners find you lively, intelligent, and fun, although a tad aloof at times. There is an ephemeral quality to you that keeps others guessing, and perhaps not always trusting that you will stick around. In truth, you do need plenty of stimulation in order to keep your interest.

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