Transit of July 12, 2022: Venus in Gemini trine Saturn in Aquarius

A day of sacrifices and compromises, when we must be realistic about our expectations to get what we want. A good day to look for the advice of a trusted mentor.

Venus trine Saturn natal gives conservative values and steadfast loyalty. Commitment to relationships and family values are very important but you don’t take your respect for tradition to extremes. Your affections are well-regulated and while you are not an extrovert by any standard, you should not be overly shy either.

You are well-mannered and tactful when socializing but may prefer smaller groups. It is likely that you are most comfortable in one-to-one situations where you will be more open about sharing your love and affection. You may not like flirting and one-night stands and this could be reflected by having a shorter list of lovers than average.

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