Transit of Oct. 13, 2022: Venus in Libra trine Saturn in Aquarius

"People with this placement are extremely reliable. When they set up their mind to get something done, they will get it done. They are confident in their ability to do great work, rightfully so. People with a Sun trine Saturn natal aspect are well-organized, meticulous, and they take responsibility for their actions. Structure and order appeal to them. They tend to have more conservative opinions and they carefully think things through before acting on them. People with Sun-Saturn aspects often like solitude from time to time.

Saturn is a difficult planet. Even with the trine, you can feel that you can’t express yourself fully. Many people with this aspect are shy, particularly when young. Your childhood was likely not completely carefree, even with the trine between the Sun and Saturn. You were likely more mature than your peers as a child.

Your self-confidence might be weaker than it should be. People with this aspect often try to hide their weaknesses and they are afraid of being seen as incapable. They can work too hard to make sure that they stay on top of things and be very hard on themselves."

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