2021: Year Ahead Horoscope for Cancer

Big Picture for Cancer in 2021

There’s an interesting blend of love and work ahead for Cancer in 2021. Their career horoscope shows that two eclipses in the Crab’s 6th House of Work and Service show this sign could be exchanging one boring job for a much more adventurous position.

This sign may decide to walk away from an oppressive work situation on May 26th, due to a lunar eclipse, only to stumble across the job of their dreams on December 4th, courtesy of an empowering solar eclipse.

Fortunately, the Crab won’t have to rely on earned income to pay the bills this year, since expansive Jupiter will be touring their 8th House of Shared Resources and Intimacy from January 1st through May 13th, and once again from July 29th until December 28th.

That’s why this sign’s daily money horoscope will show that money from an investment, inheritance, legal settlement, or royalty agreement may keep Cancer financially secure this year. 

When Jupiter isn’t sending money to the Crab this year, it will be beaming waves of love to this lucky sign. This lucky planet will move through Cancer’s 9th House of Expansion from May 14th through July 28th, returning to this spot on December 29th through most of 2022.

As their love horoscope shows, these periods will be especially good for embarking on a romantic relationship that is filled with adventure, excitement, and intellectual stimulation. 

Getting serious about an intimate relationship will be a continued trend for Cancer in 2021. That’s because strict Saturn will be touring this sign’s 8th House of Shared Resources and Intimacy for the entire year. As their daily horoscope indicates, if someone is reluctant to commit, there’s a good chance that the Crab will release their hold from the relationship and find a partner who adores their silly sense of humor, tender heart, and nurturing spirit.

This sign’s social pursuits will experience some dramatic highs and lows throughout 2021. According to their daily horoscope, unpredictable Uranus continues its visit to Cancer’s 11th House of Friendships, suggesting that some old relationships will fall by the wayside and be replaced by dynamic new relationships.

This year, the Crab may feel strongly pulled toward financially stable artisans who run their own businesses and embrace the finer things in life without apology. 

Romance, on the other hand, continues to play a big part in Cancer’s life this year, due to dreamy Neptune’s tour of their 9th House of Expansion. Finding love abroad is a distinct possibility for this sign, as their love horoscope will show. Alternatively, the Crab might embark on a relationship with someone from another country or culture in 2021.

A business or romantic partnership may have a transformative effect on this sign in 2021. That’s because Pluto, the planet of regeneration, continues its slow movement through Cancer’s 7th House of Relationships. Both this sign’s love horoscope and career horoscope will show that two heads are definitely better than one throughout this stimulating year. 

Love Horoscope for Cancer in 2021

According to Cancer’s love horoscope this year, there will be some wonderfully sweet moments that seem like they’re straight out of a rom-com. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, will visit the Crab’s 9th House of Expansion twice, first from May 14th and July 28th, and then from December 29th through most of 2022. If relationships felt like a burden the previous year, they’ll seem like a blessing in 2021.

It also helps that Neptune, the planet of dreams, will move through this sign’s 9th House of Expansion for the entire year. Instead of settling down to a predictable routine with their partner, the Crab may opt to act out fantasies with their beloved. Traveling to far-off lands could also be a trend, as this sign’s daily horoscope shows. 

Power struggles may continue to be a theme in Cancer’s love life, due to imposing Pluto’s presence in their 7th House of Relationships. Although the Crab enjoys intimacy, it may not appreciate a partner who jealously monitors their every move. If this sign becomes tired of being policed by their beloved, their love horoscope indicates that they may move to healthier pastures in 2021. 

Friendship Horoscope for Cancer in 2021

Cancer’s social life will take some unexpected twists and turns in 2021, as their daily horoscope indicates. Independent Uranus’s stay in the Crab’s 11th House of Friendship suggests that this sign may be drawn toward more spontaneous people than they’ve mixed with in the past. The more offbeat and original someone is, the greater Cancer will admire them in 2021.

It’s also possible that the Crab will be making friends with people from different countries and cultures this year. Jupiter’s visit to their 9th House of Expansion from May 14th through July 28th suggests that Cancer will develop a great appreciation for customs that are radically different from their own.

Their daily horoscope will demonstrate this sign being much more adventurous when it comes to meeting people and making friends.

Career Horoscope for Cancer in 2021

Cancer’s professional prospects are especially strong during the two weeks following April 12th, when the Moon, their ruler, shines bright in their 10th House of Career. Landing a high-powered job with great benefits is a distinct possibility, as this sign’s daily money horoscope reflects.

The said position will be a wonderful opportunity to exercise the Crab’s natural leadership ability.

For Crabs seeking to get a raise or increase their fees, the period between June 27th and July 21st is the best time of the entire year to make a move. That’s because abundant Venus will be touring Cancer’s 2nd House of Earned Income.

This sign’s career horoscope shows that the Crab should reach for the stars as far as money is concerned—this is not the time to be conservative about asking for money. 

Getting a business loan or stimulus money is a strong possibility for Cancer in 2021, thanks to generous Jupiter’s visit to their 8th House of Shared Resources and Intimacy from January 1st through May 13th, then again from July 29th to December 29th. As their daily money horoscope reflects, this sign can be granted money from big government and financial institutions this year. 

Business partnerships may also be beneficial for the Crab this year. The presence of powerful Pluto in this sign’s 7th House of Relationships shows that forming an alliance with a business visionary can greatly improve Cancer’s professional prospects in 2021. As their career horoscope suggests, this alliance will allow the Crab to focus on the creative aspects of work that they love.

Health Horoscope for Cancer in 2021

The Crab might decide to radically overhaul their diet, exercise, and sleep routines this year, due to a set of disruptive eclipses in their 6th House of Wellness. The first occurs on May 26th, when a lunar eclipse shows Cancer that they can no longer burn the candle at both ends. As their daily horoscope will demonstrate, dialing down their schedule will be very therapeutic for this sign. 

On December 4th, a solar eclipse will help Cancer hit upon the perfect nutrition or fitness program, helping them end 2021 on an extremely positive note, as reflected by their daily horoscope.

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