2021: Year Ahead Horoscope for Taurus

The Big Picture for Taurus in 2021

An exciting adventure is ahead for Taurus in 2021. Uranus, the planet of unpredictability, continues its tour of the Bull’s 1st House of Identity, suggesting this sign will be continually reinventing itself throughout the year. Any Taurus that wants to make the most of this extraordinary trend should regularly check their daily horoscope

In addition to all the personal changes, the Bull will undergo this year, this sign is destined for great professional success.

This is because Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, will be touring Taurus’s 10th House of Career Opportunities twice, first is between January 1st and May 13th, and then again from July 29th and December 29th. Taurus should definitely check their career horoscope daily during these golden periods.

All work and no play make a Taurus dull, but luckily upbeat Jupiter will be touring this sign’s 11th House of Friendships twice in 2021. The first phase falls between May 14th and July 28th, and the second starts on December 29th and continues through 2022. Friendship will play a big role at these times, as the Bull’s daily horoscope will show. 

Any Bull that wants to move up the ladder to success is in luck in 2021, since professional Saturn will be moving through their 10th House of Career all year. As this sign’s daily money horoscope will show, the entire year will be filled with opportunities to land high-paying assignments, get promotions, and work with prominent companies. 

Taurus is extremely lucky this year since their life will strike an even balance between work and play. Neptune, the planet of fantasy, continues its slow journey through the sign’s 11th House of Friendship, suggesting there will be chances to travel, collaborate on creative projects, and build castles in the air with their nearest and dearest.

Best of all, the Bull’s love horoscope indicates that one platonic relationship could become romantic this year. 

Pluto, the planet of transformation, keeps moving through Taurus’s 9th House of Higher Education and Expansion throughout the year. This makes 2021 another good time to work toward an advanced degree, explore foreign cultures, and gain mastery of their favorite subjects. 

The Bull’s career horoscope will pinpoint the best times to take advantage of all the extraordinary chances to expand their knowledge and experience this year. 

The year comes to a thrilling end for Taurus with a Lunar Eclipse in their own sign on November 19th; wise members of this sign will be sure to check their daily horoscope on this fateful day. A tiresome role will come to an end for the Bull, allowing this sign to expand their horizons through travel, study, broadcasting, or all three! This will be the cherry on the luscious sundae that is 2021.

Love Horoscope for Taurus in 2021

Attractive Taurus has several exciting opportunities for love throughout the year. The first falls on February 27th, when an alluring full moon falls in their 5th House of Romance. This could mark a turning point in a relationship, like a declaration of love, engagement, or wedding. Every Bull should check their daily horoscope around this magical time! 

The Bull will be especially enticing between April 15th and May 8th, when Venus, their ruling planet, moves through their 1st House of Identity. Taurus will be turning heads wherever they go, as their love horoscope will show. This is a great time for this sign to lure someone into their web of intrigue.

Romantic vacations are favored for this sign between July 22nd and August 25th, when Venus, the planet of love, tours their 5th House of Romance. The best way for Taurus to take full advantage of this trend is to check their daily horoscope, which will tell them the very best days to meet someone special, make the first move, or embark on a passionate relationship. 

For any Taurus that wants to get engaged or married, the days between September 11th and October 6th are perfect. That’s when Venus, their ruling planet, moves through their 7th House of Partnerships—making an eternal promise of devotion could bring the Bull the happiness and comfort they’ve always wanted, as their love horoscope shows. 

Friendship Horoscope for Taurus in 2021

Friendship will play an important role in Taurus’s happiness in 2021. That’s because Jupiter, the planet of expansion, will be moving through their 11th House of Friendship twice this year, first from May 14th and July 28th, and then again from December 29th through 2022.

Meeting spiritually-minded, creative people that inspire and uplift the Bull is highly likely during these periods, as their daily horoscope shows. 

Instead of sticking close to a small circle of friends, the Bull will probably venture out of their comfort zone, mixing and mingling with people who offer refreshing perspectives on everything from life, love, and health. Many of their new friends will improve Taurus’s financial prospects, as indicated by their daily money horoscope. 

Career Horoscope for Taurus in 2021

Taurus has one of the best career horoscope forecasts of the entire zodiac for 2021. That’s because both lucky Jupiter and status-oriented Saturn will be moving through their 10th House of Professional Prospects. Jupiter will visit this sector twice, while Saturn will stay there all year, as this sign’s career horoscope reflects. 

Cutting-edge industries are especially favored for Taurus in 2021. Any time this sign gets a chance to master a new technology or learn the latest trend, they should jump on it, as their income could dramatically increase as a result. Their daily money horoscope will definitely reflect this. Friends will also play an important role in the Bull finding golden career opportunities. 

A source of unearned income may come to an end on May 26th, due to a disruptive Lunar Eclipse. Financially savvy Bulls won’t let this news break their stride, it may come as a relief to escape a restrictive agreement, as their daily horoscope will show. 

Any Bull seeking a raise, high-paying job, or big commission could hit the jackpot on June 10th. That’s when a Solar Eclipse will electrify their 2nd House of Earned Income, as their daily money horoscope shows. 

A profit-sharing agreement, royalty contract, or commission could greatly improve Taurus’s financial picture on December 4th, thanks to an enriching Solar Eclipse in their 8th House of Joint Income. This sign’s daily money horoscope looks especially good at this time. 

Health Horoscope for Taurus in 2021

For robust Taurus to feel in top form, it’s important for this sign to take a rest in the two weeks following March 13th, when the new moon falls in their 12th House of Seclusion. Scaling back their commitments to work and family will be critical at this time. This sign’s daily horoscope shows that taking up a meditation practice or relaxing creative pursuit could also be helpful. 

Health looks especially good for Taurus in the second half of the year, especially if they embark on a brand new exercise or nutrition regimen in the two weeks following September 7th. That’s when the new moon in Virgo will rise in the Bull’s 6th House of Wellbeing.

The impressive results of a weight resistance program, dance class, or raw food diet could have the Bull jumping for joy, as shown by their daily horoscope. 

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