2021: Year Ahead Horoscope for Virgo

The Big Picture for Virgo in 2021

This year will find Virgo establishing a happier, healthier life on all fronts. Expansive Jupiter will be moving through this sign’s 6th House of Work and Wellbeing, first from January 1st through May 13th, then from July 29th to December 28th, making it easy to find a job that is both financially rewarding and emotionally fulfilling, as the Virgin’s daily money horoscope will show.

Landing a position in a cutting-edge field like research or technology is a strong possibility.

Jupiter, the lucky planet, will also visit Virgo’s 7th House of Relationships twice this year, making 2021 a great time for love. As their love horoscope shows, the Virgin’s romantic prospects will be especially wonderful first from May 14th to July 28th, then from December 29th through 2022. 

Single members of this sign could meet their divine counterpart during one of these golden periods, while Virgos in committed relationships may experience second honeymoons with their partners.

Landing a steady job is strongly recommended for Virgo this year since serious Saturn will be touring their 6th House of Work and Wellbeing all year. The sign’s career horoscope will guide them to precisely the right times to find a steady position with lots of opportunities for advancement. 

The demands of work can take a physical toll on this sign, who can benefit from a demanding exercise routine in 2021.

There’s a good chance that The Virgin will get an opportunity to advance their education, thanks to liberating Uranus, which moves through their 9th House of Expansion all year. A sudden opportunity to earn an advanced degree or study with a respected master could fall into this sign’s lap, paving the way for acquiring an impressive skill set.

As their daily horoscope demonstrates, 2021 will be a great time to develop their naturally sharp intellect.

A creative partnership could be yet another gift Virgo receives in 2021. Neptune, the planet of fantasy, continues its journey through the Virgin’s 7th House of Partnerships. As their love horoscope and career horoscope show, this sign will greatly benefit from an alliance with someone who is artistic, spiritual, and flexible. 

An intense romance could provide Virgo with lots of excitement, as passionate Pluto keeps moving through this sign’s 5th House of Romance. According to their love horoscope, the Virgin’s sensual side may find great satisfaction with a partner who is accomplished, ambitious, and focused. It’s also possible that Virgo could conceive or adopt a child in 2021, which will radically change their journey in life.

Two eclipses will mark big changes to the Virgin’s home life this year, as their daily horoscope reflects. A lunar eclipse on May 26th could find this sign looking for another place to live, as their current home no longer satisfies their needs. By December 4th rolls around, a solar eclipse will bring this sign a fantastic opportunity to find a stimulating abode—it’s very possible this new home will include a lovely space for a home office. 

Love Horoscope for Virgo in 2021

Romantic prospects are excellent for Virgo this year. Idealistic Neptune remains in their 7th House of Relationships, helping this sign find their dream partner, as their love horoscope demonstrates. With their divine counterpart at their side, the Virgin can find the contentment they’ve always desired. Virgos in committed relationships will get lots of emotional support from their other half, inspiring them to face their fears and break new ground.

Although the Virgin has a reputation for being brainy, this sign is also quite sensual. This side of their character is being enhanced by sexy Pluto’s visit to their 5th House of Romance, adding lots of spice to their love horoscope. Overcoming sexual hangups and taboos could be an ongoing theme for this sign in 2021.

Any sign that wants to get engaged or married should take a close look at their daily horoscope during the two weeks following March 13th. That’s when a new moon will rise in their 7th House of Partnerships. Making a romantic promise of exchanging vows is a distinct possibility for this sign during this golden period. 

Virgins who are looking for love could strike gold between March 22nd and April 14th, when romantic Venus tours the 8th House of Shared Resources and Intimacy. Taking the lead with a romantic interest could be highly stimulating and educational for this normally introverted sign, as their love horoscope shows. 

Single Virgos could find love while traveling this year, when a lunar eclipse on November 19th could bring about a change in their romantic status. Falling in love with someone from another country or culture is a distinct possibility since this eclipse will fall in the Virgin’s 9th House of Expansion, as their daily horoscope will show.

Members of this sign who are in committed relationships might want to take a romantic vacation with their partner at this time of year. 

Friendship Horoscope for Virgo in 2021

The Virgin’s social life should be especially festive between July 12th and July 28th, when Mercury, their ruling planet, moves through their 11th House of Friendship. Spending time with loved ones who make Virgo feel cherished, appreciated, and adored will bring out the best in their sign. Their daily horoscope during this phase will inspire this sign to mix and mingle as often as possible. 

Traveling to see a loved one who lives within a day’s driving distance is a great possibility for Virgo between November 6th and November 24th, when their ruler Mercury moves through their 3rd House of Short-distance Travel. The Virgin’s daily horoscope shows this will be one of the most stimulating times of 2021, giving them a chance to discuss art, politics, and sports. 

Career Horoscope for Virgo in 2021

Finding a job that engages Virgo’s brilliant intellect is likely between January 1st and May 13th, when expansive Jupiter moves through their 6th House of Work and Wellbeing. Another opportunity to find a great position falls from July 29th and December 28th, when lucky Jupiter returns to this spot in the Virgin’s horoscope chart.

This sign should regularly check their daily money horoscope for excellent employment opportunities. 

Stable Saturn’s tour of the Virgin’s 6th House of Work and Wellbeing will bring some much-needed stability to their employment picture in 2021. As their career horoscope shows, a prominent executive could take the Virgin under their wing—teaching valuable skills that will advance their career prospects. 

The high point of Virgo’s career in 2021 may fall on June 10th, when a solar eclipse electrifies their 10th House of Professional Prospects. Virgins should check their daily money horoscope regularly in the two weeks after this eclipse, as it can help them take advantage of the many money-making opportunities coming their way. 

Health Horoscope for Virgo in 2021

The Virgin’s health should be robust this year, provided they practice relaxation techniques as often as possible. Meditation, yoga, and dance can provide Virgo with welcome outlets for the mental strain they often experience.

This sign should check their daily horoscope regularly during the two weeks following August 22nd, when a Full Moon rises in their 6th House of Work and Wellbeing.

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