About the Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces

Water is the most crucial element in our life. It quenches thirst, and it purifies and cleanses us. Most of the planets consist of water.

Take a look at our bodies; human bodies are made up of 70% water. Astrologically, water is a sign of emotions and feelings. One of the most interesting characteristics of the water sign is that they are already aware of their surroundings even when they are not conscious of our situation.

Water signs are considered to be the most intuitive and sensitive. The water signs can have a deep psychic understanding of human emotions and what drives us to operate in specific ways. This is why water signs are always sensitive to other beings. They know when to hold back and when to show warmth. When they are at their best, they can become the healing force; but when at their worst, they can easily manipulate you and almost drain every energy that is within you.

It is said that water signs can sense human emotions, and they can read moods. Water signs can absorb vibes. Water signs always have to work a little harder to maintain some boundaries.

The three water signs are- Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

Each of the star signs of water element can be quantified as qualities. Let us explain these qualities more. By the cardinal sign of Cancer, we mean that they can lead and initiate, Scorpios; however, go deep within an issue, which requires deep focus; finally, Pisces are changeable.

It seems like water signs work as per their undercurrents while assessing any situation. You might come across water signs which are very shy in the beginning; however, once you get to know them, and if you succeed in winning their hearts, you will notice that they have the warmest souls. Since water signs are emotionally sensitive, they tend to become self-protective.

We all know that water doesn’t have any form of its own. This is the reason why they can be quickly shaped into something by someone they are in a relationship with. Water signs always need people around them, but they also care for their personal space when they need some time alone to reflect on themselves.

Water sign can work at its best when you let it remain fluid. Water is a strong element. Water can wash away earth; it has the power to extinguish air, and finally saturate the air. If you put them all in an astrological context, you will realize that water has limitless emotional depth. A water sign, when it feels provoked, will do anything and everything to win the battle. It prefers to keep itself guarded to avoid outwardly influences.

As we talked about the three water signs, it is also vital for you to know that each of the signs will behave differently, even if they are all the babies of water signs.

Cancer: Cancer always tries to pursue emotional security to protect themselves and those they feel connected to.

Scorpio: Scorpios become the encouragement source and offer their emotional power and comfort to those who need it.

Pisces: Pisces can empathize and heal others who are suffering from different ordeals in life.

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