Astrology and Meditation

However, meditation stands firm as an essential method to maintain a balanced healthy lifestyle within the chaotic world we live in. Science has done its work proving that meditation truly has beneficial properties to heal those who suffer from stress and anxiety while also helping others to discover their purpose in life.

Many people ask how the study of astrology improves the experience of meditation and the answer is simple, if applied correctly, using such knowledge will assist by unfolding great skills that were originally acquired on our day of birth. By discovering our true natural talents and areas of strength, we consequently gain the opportunity to achieve enlightenment. The date of birth marks the beginning of cerebral transmissions being received and sent from a human being during its starting point in time. The combination of astrology and meditation is the key to develop a symbiosis of one’s past and present in order to understand the core meaning of ourselves and our purpose in life.

The energy emissions that correspond to our date of birth are influenced by planetary positions within the Solar System. All astrology signs are directly impacted by the sun’s positioning during each person’s day of birth. Similar to the moon which has an impact on ocean tides, the sun inhabits all energy flows derived from energy spectrums.

Over the course of time, society has perceived the position of the sun during a person’s date of birth as the key factor that defines the corresponding horoscope sign. However, other planets within the solar system also impose an impact which is often overlooked.

The zodiac signs are grouped as in the following manner:

  • Fire Signs – Aries, Leo and Sagittarius
  • Earth Signs – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
  • Air Signs – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
  • Water Signs – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Each horoscope sign represents a series of personalities and distinctive traits that conform the archetypes of mankind.

In summary, we can say astrology elements along with their respective material form become the definition of an archetype that connects to higher consciousness. Through meditation, the human brain is capable of attaining elevated frequency activity which is the gateway to engaging the higher consciousness we speak of.

Therefore, envisioning the concepts of your respective astrological element during the act of meditation will complement the meditational experience by facilitating the possibilities of raising the brain frequency enough to achieve the actual state of high consciousness.

How To Utilize The Power Of Astrology Elements during Meditation

These are the things you can try doing in order to attempt igniting the astrological element energies during meditation. If your element is fire, the use of a flaming beeswax candle is often recommended. If your element is earth, keeping your feet firmly attached to the ground while meditating should work better.

Should your element be air, engaging outdoor meditational activity in a space where fresh air has direct contact with you is preferred. Lastly, for those who are impacted by the element of water, proceeding with meditation within sea environment such as the ocean shores is of most efficiency.

Despite all the information above is known to naturally bind best with each astrological sign, one must understand that humans are influenced by all four elements regardless of the existence of a prominent influence from one of the four in question.

Keep in mind that the idea of imagining the symbol of your astrological element during meditation is not a forced requirement to comply with, it’s simply a tip of advice that has often helped people achieve high consciousness. There are also cases where people are skilled enough to achieve the same brain frequency state of mind without even concerning over the suggestions of pondering over your respective astrological element. At the end of the day, it is up to each and every one of us to do the necessary research and find out what works best.

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